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What is Java ?

Java is High level programming language ,it was developed by  Sun Microsystem in the year of 1991.It was originally developed by James Gosling  at Sun Microsystemz. Java was developed by a small team of Engineers, it is known as GREEN TEAM .

OAK is the original language of java and at the time it was handhled device and set –top boxes. Then OAK was unsuccessful and in 1995 Sun Microsystem Change the name to JAVA  and it was modified the language to take advantage of the burgeoning WORLD WIDE WEB .

Java can be run on any operating  system with any type of processor as long as the java interpreter is available on that system, its platform independent .

WORA (Write once ,run anywhere ) : Java code that runs on one platform thus not need to be recompiled to run on another platform .

Mostly java being used ?

According to sun, 3 billion device run Java. According  to Oracle ,there are more then 9 million java developer world wide and then more then 3 billion mobile phone run Java.

JSP : JSP was discovered by Sun Microsystems released in 1999 , JSP is similar to PHP, ASP and React’s JSX used with normal HTML tag to a create dynamic web page. JSP is a technology that is also

Applet : An Applet is a another method of java programme that used within a web page to add new features to a web browsers.

J2EE : The Java  J2EE is used by more company to transfer the data and its based on XML structured documents in between one another .

JavaBeans : JavaBeans something like visual basic . The reusable software component  that can be easily assemble to create some new and advanced application

Moblile : In the above technology , Java is also used in mobile device and verity of games and service-built in java .Nokia,Seimens,Vodafone the leading mobile service is also using Java technology. Why Learn Java?


JAVA Application Types :

Web Application To create a server-side web application by using java .Currently, Servlets, jsp, struts, jsf , etc…

Standalone Application in this application  need to install on every machine (or) server such as, antivirus,media player etc. Swing and AWT are used in Java for creating standalone application it is known as desktop application or window based application .

Enterprise Application An application is distributed in nature , such as banking application etc.In Java , ESB is also  used for creating an enterprise application .

Advantage : It has high level security , load balancing and clustering .

Mobile Device For mobile device, java is used to create a application softwares.In small device ,java ME is used for creating  application and also java is programming language for Google Android application development .

Facts about java

Object oriented – Java can be easily expended since it is always based on the Object model. Because , in java everything is an Object .

Platform Dependent/ Independent –Platform dependency language (C,C++ ) , The application programs written in one Operating system and it cannot  able to run in another operating system.

Platform Independent language (Java ),The programs written in one operating system  it can able to run on any operating system.

Simple – Java is designed to be easy to learn ,if u understand the basic concept of java it would be easy

Secure – Authentication ( public-Key Encryption )

Robust – Java code  make a effort to eliminate error prone situation by emphasizing on compile time error checking and runtime checking .

Multi-threaded – with java’s multi-thread it is possible to write many programme and simultaneously, it can do many task .

Interpreted – Java byte code is translated to native machine instruction and is not stored anywhere .

Because the development  process is rapid and  analytical since the linking is light weight process and incremental.

High Performance – with the uses of high performance java enables high performance .

Dynamic – When compared with C ,C++ -Java is more dynamic since it is designed to adapt to an evolving environment and java programme can carry an extensive amount of runt time information .



The text editor is mainly used to write a java programs . There are even more sophisticated   IDE available in the market .

NOTPAD — On Windows you can use a any type of simple text editor like Notepad

NOTEBEANS —is a java IDE that is open source and free.

ECLIPSE — is also a java IDE developed by eclipse open source community .