Job vacant for Python Developer

IT Services and IT Consulting

Job Type: Full Time
Level:Entry level
Experience: 4 to 7 Years
Job Requirements: Python, Programming Development,API

About the job

Job Description
  • Software Engineers are skilled in solving various technical problems by effectively leveraging the collaborative platforms in an ecosystem.
  • This opportunity allows one to independently implement diverse and complex engineering tasks through analytical thinking and problem solving.
  • Software Engineers will get to exhibit a deep understanding of the end-to-end software life cycle and show high levels of collaboration, customer centricity and effective communication to understand requirements, analyse, provide support, and deliver technical results and drive excellence.

  • Solve various technical problems in the project in a collaborative manner under specified timeline with minimal guidance and review.
  • Responsible for implementing diverse engineering tasks including gap, data, and impact analysis.
  • Independently perform low-level design configuration, code customization, refactoring and review.
  • Gain expertise and demonstrate high levels of skills in design, review, development, testing, build and deployment stages of the software life cycle.
  • Ensure adequate documentation and provide assistance as a reliable engineer to all stakeholders.

  • Applications deploy new technologies rapidly to help grow the businesses while controlling IT costs.
  • At Mindtree, we integrate the right tools, technologies and processes to eliminate redundancies, reduce costs and deliver a best-in-class applications portfolio using our end-to-end workflow-driven managed services platform. Our application services team acquires a deep understanding of the application portfolios and business processes to help manage the transition. Across various industry groups that we serve, we standardize processes and esta blish a baseline for continuous service improvement and implement agile, lean IT, DevOps and test automation.
Mandatory Skills
  • Python