Manual Testing Interview Questions and Answers Set 3

21.What is Test Case?

Test cases are the set of positive and negative executable steps of a test scenario which has a set of pre-conditions, test data, expected result, post-conditions and actual results.

22.What is Unit Testing?

Unit Testing is also called as Module Testing or Component Testing. It is done to check whether the individual unit or module of the source code is working properly. It is done by the developers in developer’s environment.

23. What is Integration Testing?

Integration Testing is the process of testing the interface between the two software units. Integration testing is done by three ways. Big Bang Approach, Top Down Approach, Bottom-Up Approach

24.What is System Testing?

Testing the fully integrated application to evaluate the system’s compliance with its specified requirements is called System Testing AKA End to End testing. Verifying the completed system to ensure that the application works as intended or not.

25.What is Big Bang Approach?

Combining all the modules once and verifying the functionality after completion of individual module testing.

Top down and bottom up are carried out by using dummy modules known as Stubs and Drivers. These Stubs and Drivers are used to stand-in for missing components to simulate data communication between modules.

Weekend / Weekday Batch

26.What is an equivalence partition (also known as an equivalence class)?

An input or output ranges of values such that only one value in the range becomes a test case

27.When should configuration management procedures be implemented?

During test planning.

28.A Type of functional Testing, which investigates the functions relating to detection of threats, such as virus from malicious outsiders?

Security Testing

29. What is a test script?

An automated test case created in any programming or scripting language is known as a test script. These are essentially a collection of instructions for evaluating an application’s functionality.

30.Testing activity which is performed to expose defects in the interfaces and in the interaction between integrated components is?

Integration Level Testing