Scio Hiring Machine Learning Engineer

Location: Chennai
Experience: 3+ Years
Skill: Knowledge for Machine Learning

Job Description

  • Should have experience in developing efficient code in R / Python
  • Sound have understanding of statistical concepts behind data modelling
  • Experience in training and deploying models based on Stanford Core NLP.
  • Experience with machine learning, preferably one or more among Tensorflow, Theano, Deeplearning4J, Torch
  • Experience developing backend systems involving NoSQL databases and Graph Databases
  • Experience and familiarity with the concepts of threading, concurrent execution methodologies including monads
  • Familiarity with text-to-speech
  • Familiarity with modern speech recognition engine technology. LVCSR, HMMs, DNNs.
  • Familiarity and experience with open-source/commercial NLP toolkits such as Stanford NLP, NLTK, Tensorflow, Apache Lucene/Solr, GATE
  • Knowledge of techniques for critical problem/application areas in NLP such as Named Entity Extraction, PoS tagging, parsing, semantic analysis, ambiguity resolution, pronoun resolution, sentiment analysis, summarization
  • Sound understanding behind machine learning algorithms like SVM, KNN, Decision tree etc.
  • NLP analyst to work with Clients and Senior analyst / SME to bring insights using AI/ML/NLS techniques.
  • Conduct all job functions and responsibilities in accordance with all company Compliance, Information Security and Regulatory policies, procedures and programs.

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