Top 5 Best Feature in Android Nougat

  • Android Nougat

Top 5 Best Feature in Android Nougat

Android Nougat

Android Nougat the latest update and the seventh version of the Android OS.  It was officially released on August 22,2016. The update was released first to Nexus where as the first smarphone released with Nought was LG V20.

Android Nougat Android Operating system have changes in development platform, it has the feature of displaying multiple screens at once in a split screen view mode.

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Top 5 Android Nougat Features

Android Nougat is worth the wait, It consists of some amazing features which you cant get anywhere else,  The whole Android N is packed up with terrific features. Here lets take a look of Top 5 Android Nougat Features.

Multiple Window

 One of the important feature of Android N is Multiple Windows,  It means you can work with two apps at the same time. You can watch YouTube videos in one half of the phone and at the same time can work with your mails.

Android Nougat


Power Saving

Android Nougat consists of a very useful update for Power Saving,  It goes a way up forward than the past updates. It is called as “Doze on the Go” it takes the feature a step further which means the users can enjoy the Doze’s batter saving feature even when the phone is in motion.

System Update

This update is about Android System update, yes you are right no more worries about spending your time in updating your mobiles OS, because in this case the update happen at the background.

It downloads the OTA updates in the background and install them as separate system image.

Virtual Reality

Google has created its own Virtual Reality system rather than believing other vendors for VR, It is called as Daydream hardware and software. Using this we can get better experience of Android Nougat’s VR.