Top MNC Interview Questions and Answers – AWS

1. What is meant by Microsoft Azure and Azure diagnostic?

This is one of the most basic Azure cloud interview questions asked very often. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing interface that is implemented by Microsoft so as to get benefited from the cloud computing.
Azure diagnostics is an API based system that collects the data to diagnose the application which is constantly running. It tunes with the verbose monitoring by enabling roles of the cloud services.

2.What is meant by cloud computing?

This is a basic question that finds its mention in most of the Microsoft Azure interview questions eBook. Cloud Computing is the high-level abstraction procedure that focuses on the business logic. This is a service delivered via the internet that aids you with the computing services without laying much importance on the infrastructural needs just like the electric supply.

3.What is the scalability of the cloud computing?

If the above question appears as the Azure cloud interview questions your most appropriate answer will be scaling is one of the advantages that are of two types :-

Vertical scaling, where the configuration yields to increase the existing capacity of the machine. Just like expanding the size of the RAM from 4GB to 32GB.
Horizontal Scaling, an aspect where the physical aspect is increased like putting multiple machines at work instead of replacing the existing machine.

4.What are the advantages of cloud computing?

There are several advantages of cloud computing which are as follows;

i)The versatility of the system can be altered if the business requires certain modification.
ii)They are highly available which increases its end users to get benefited by every inch.
iii)The system is capable of tolerating fault of a single part and overcomes it by remaining completely functional.
iv)The service allows you to pay only when the system is in use. You can easily reallocate the system when you use them and get saved from the charge.
v)The system has brought into light the payment for the operation rather than the investment in the machines.

5.What is meant by PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS?

These are the basic terms while dealing with cloud services and are commonly asked in an Azure interview:

i) PaaS stands for Platform as a Service that enables you to get a platform to deliver without directly giving authorization to the OS software.
ii) SaaS stands for Software as a Service is devoid of platform infrastructure software that can be used without direct purchase.
iii) IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service which enables you to get the hardware from the provider as the desired service which can be configured by the user.

6.What are the main functions of the Azure Cloud Service?

The main functions of the Azure Cloud Service are:-

i)It is designed to host the running application and at the same time manage the background running application.
ii)The application of web processing is termed as “web role” whereas the background processing is termed as the “worker role”.

7.State the purpose of the cloud configuration file?

There is a primary .csfg file available with each and every cloud service. The main purpose of this file is

i)They hold the main copy of certificates.
ii)They have the storage of user-defined settings.
iii)There are a number of instances in any service project.

8.Which services are used to manage the resources in Azure?

When asked as Azure cloud interview questions, it should be answered that the Azure resource manager is the infrastructure that is involved in to manage deploys or deleting all the resources.

9. What do you mean by roles?

This is another basic yet important question asked as the Azure Interview Questions which should be answered in the following way:
Roles in cloud management are often termed to be nothing servers that are linked to managing and balancing the platform as service machine that collaborates works to attain the goal.

10. What are the different types of roles?

There are basically three different types of roles;

i)Web Role that is used to deploy website by making use of language which is supported by the IIS platform customized to run the web application.
ii)VM Role is used to schedule the window services and task. It is done by the user through customization of the machine on which the worker’s role is running.
iii)Worker Role is to execute the process that runs in the background by deploying the website.

11.What do you mean by a domain?

This is one of the common Azure Interview Questions that may be asked which should be answered as follows the interconnected and interlinked nodes that are often a measure undertaken by the organization is known as the domain. These relations are carried by only one point of the organization.

12. Explain the fault domain.

This is one of the common Azure interview questions which should be answered that it is a logical working domain in which the underlying hardware is sharing a common power source and switch network. This means that when VMs is created the Azure distributes the VM across the fault domain that limits the potential impact of hardware failure, power interruption or outages of the network.

13.Discuss Update Domain.

It is a logical group that undergoes maintenance by rebooting the system. The system automatically distributes the created VMs all across the updated domain that enables the user to run any one of the application while the Azure platform is undergoing maintenance. The update domain does not work sequentially to the manual rebooting.

14. Differentiate between the verbose and minimal monitoring.

Verbose monitoring collects metrics based on the performance that enables close analysis of data that fed during the processing of application whereas the minimal monitoring is a default configuration that makes the use of the performance counters gathered from the operating system of the host. Proceed to the more Azure cloud interview questions that are quite common.

15.What do you mean by a BLOB and what are their types?

BLOB is a Binary Large Object that is composed of any size and type of file. They are mainly of two types-the page and the block blob.

16. What is meant by the block blob and page BLOB?

Blob is a block that is having a specific block ID. Each block in this block BLOB comprises of the 4MB and maximum size of this BLOB limits to 200 GB. Whereas the Page blob contains pages in which data range is determined by the offsets. The maximum limit is 1TB where a single page is of the size 1TB.

17. Differentiate between the Windows Azure bus queues and Windows Azure queues?

Windows Azure queues take care of the storage infrastructure of Windows Azure. The features include the REST based Peek/Get/Put interface that enables the users to get persistent messaging in-between the services and reliability.
Bus queues are a broader aspect of the messaging infrastructure with publishing and subscribing the integrating patterns of remote web service.

18. What is meant by the DeadLetter queue?

Messages are transferred to the DeadLetter queue in the following situation:-

i)When the delivery count has exceeded for a message that is on a queue.
ii)When the expiry date of the message has crossed and the entire expired message is held in a queue.
iii)When there is an evaluation exception set by default and the subscription is enabled with dead letter filter.

19. Explain the Window Azure platform?

It is collectively a PaaS developed by the Microsoft programmed to run a deployment vehicle and a runtime for the data center to host the cloud computing. Let’s proceed to the next general Azure Interview Questions that may be asked.

20. How is the price of the Azure subscription placed?

The prices vary in accordance with the product type. The various pricing models are :-
i)The free model where our customers can avail the system exempted from the market fee.
ii)The BYOL scheme where the Azure is fetched the Azure with a fee that is not encircled around the limits of market price.
iii)The trial of the free software where the client gets the full version with an advanced feature for a limited period of time. With the expiration of the introductory period, you will be charged standard rates.
iv)Usage Based Fee that is billed in accordance with the service that you have taken. Like if you are subscribed for the virtual image then hourly fees may be charged.
v)Monthly bills are activated if you sign a particular plan. The fee is not allocated for cancellation or mid-month unused service.

21. What is meant by table storage?

It is an interface that is capable of storing bulk amount of structured but non-relational data. It is a service of the NoSQL data store that takes authenticated calls from either outside or inside the Azure cloud. The table is a collaborated entity that in turn is a set of properties which is a paired up of name and value.

22. Differentiate between the repository and the powerhouse server?

Repository servers are those which are in lieu of the integrity, consistency, and uniformity whereas the powerhouse server governs the integration of different aspects of the database repository.

23.What is meant by the enterprise warehousing?

It is the phenomenon where the data is developed by the organization having access at a single point throughout the globe. The warehousing enables the server to get linked to a single point with the assistance of periodic handling.

24.What do you mean by lookup transformation?

Lookup transformation aids to determine source qualifier. It can be active or passive lookup transformation. The process is yield to get the access the relevant information or the data.

25. What is meant by the connected lookups?

In the unconnected lookup, the input is directly taken from the transformation that takes part in the flow of data. The connected data lookup is built as both a static and dynamic cache. This can be oriented via multiple ports that can give the output. It is defined by user defined entity.

26. What is meant by the unconnected lookups?

The answer to this Microsoft Azure interview question should be that in the unconnected lookups the input is taken by the LKP operation. Nature is dynamic having a single output port. User-defined values are disregarded in the unconnected lookups.

27. What is meant by the command task?

Command task is an operational window that sets off the flow of one or multiple command shell while the system is still running.

28.What are the PowerCenter commands that can be used in Informatica?

The languages for transformation that can be provided with some basic comment signifiers that are;

i)Slashes (//)
ii)Dashes (–)
If these common signifiers are absent in the line the power integration service will ignore the text.

29. What is the difference between copy and shortcut?

The answer to this Microsoft Azure interview question will be copied is transferring an object from one to another folder that takes double space. There is no change that corresponds to the original object.

The shortcut is a dynamic link of the object that saves the space reflecting changes in the original object.

30. What do you mean by a service fabric in Azure?

This is one of the advanced Microsoft azure interview questions that should be answered by stating Service fabric is a middleware platform of the following generation that gives the more scalable outcome. It renders with the more managed and reliable enterprise.