Top Reasons to Learn Hadoop

Hadoop is an open source framework and running applications on hardware. There are many reasons to learn Hadoop because Hadoop used by many organizations for storing data. Main advantages Hadoop why organization using Hadoop is its processing and storing the data quickly and easily. Many peoples having one basic doubt that is why to learn Hadoop, here we are discussing top reasons learn Hadoop.

1. Hadoop Everywhere:

Already said Hadoop is an open source and stores data on clusters on hardware. Many companies the amount of data developed by mankind and growing that data rapidly every year. Hadoop is able to handle a large amount of data and any kind of data. Hence Hadoop is found everywhere in the world.

2. Best Career Opportunities:

Most of the MNC companies hiring Experienced IT professionals with best Hadoop Knowledge peoples for jobs. Hadoop Career Opportunities across many financial industries across healthcare, retailers, sports etc… Hadoop is the best basement of Popular IT Companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, eBay, Amazon. Keyword search for “Hadoop Jobs” on IT shows a number of Hadoop opportunities. If you having hadoop certification training which helps to apply for Hadoop jobs on many positions like Hadoop Developer, Data Engineer, Hadoop Architect etc..,

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3. More number of Job Opportunities:

Hadoop Jobs for increasing day by day for Hadoop specialist, data engineers from Retailers, Healthcare Companies, Media, and Sports. Hadoop is the best database management skills for IT peoples. Most of the companies adapt to Hadoop for database stores so numbers of Hadoop job opportunities increased and Hadoop give the best career to all IT Professionals.

4. Awesome Salary:

Hadoop salary has hit 3% and Hadoop job postings went up to 64% compared to last year. IT professionals having better knowledge about Hadoop and related databases can get the biggest salary. It is expected that there will be more job postings for Hadoop and better hike in Hadoop professional salaries by the year 2020.

5. Big Companies Hiring:

More Number of Companies using Hadoop for data storing, analyzing, processing perabytes of data. Hadoop based big companies are Google, IBM, Yahoo, Dell, Facebook, Amazon etc.., If you learn Hadoop training properly surely you get a job in these top MNC Companies.