UiPath Interview Questions and Answers Set 2

11. How long does it take to establish the Operational Agility framework?

The average time to establish the initial Operational Agility framework is between 4 and 12 weeks from project initiation.

12. What are UI Activities Properties in UiPath?

There are different types of activities which are used in the web pages or in automating apps and you can easily find them in the section of activities panel categorized under UI automation. These UI activities have many properties in common.

ContinueOnError:  Even when the activity will show error still, the automation will continue its work. This field works in the boolean values. False is the default value in here. The project won’t show any error if the activity on this field is set to true inside the try catch.

Delay After:  It helps in pausing the activity.

Delay Before:  It helps to pause before any activity.

TimeoutMS:  It helps in finding the element before the error is shown.

WaitForReady:  It will wait until the target is ready and before you perform the activity.

Target:  It helps in identifying the element in UI before the activity starts.

13. What is the difference between UiPath and Selenium?

Selenium is specifically designed to test web applications and websites, it is impossible in selenium to interact with multiple applications and taking the output of one application as an input for other application. It cannot work with Virtual environments like Citrix etc at all. While UiPath is an RPA tool which is designed to automate any type of existing software process to replace any type of activities that can be performed by a human. So we can say that RPA is the next level of existing automation tools. It allows people to build a very complex rules-based process with very little software development skills. You can do all things using UIiPath which can be done by Selenium but vice-versa is not possible. You can also look at my below articles for more details on these tools.

14. What is publishing an automation project means in UiPath?

Publishing of the automation package indicates archiving it and the related files present in a particular folder for sending it to robots and then executing it. When you will be connected to the orchestrator then the project will go to the orchestrator field and then it will be displayed on the packages page. And from this place, you can easily distribute them to the other robots after you assign some packages to the environment. Otherwise, it will get stored locally in the studio feed.

15. What are the general requirements of RPA for front and back office processing?

Well, the fact is RPA is well-known for its flexibility and it is capable to meet the robust IT standards without compromising the security. It is possible to use the robotic software for front and back office. Most of the requirements are the same for both and thus users need not worry. The same configuration can easily be deployed and the results that can be derived are always superior in every aspect.

Weekend / Weekday Batch

16. What Is Uipath?

Converting tedious tasks to total UI automation, UiPath Studio is a complete software solution that enables you to carry out repetitive tasks of your back office, easy and speedy.

17. During the planning phase of automation, what points are to be considered on priority?

After selecting the tool which is the first task, the next big thing that matters a lot is selecting the right framework. There are various items that are tagged as In scope and Out Scope that need to be selected based on the type of task. After this, the test environment is to be considered. If required, users need to prepare the charts of project timelines. At the same time, the identification of deliverables is another major factor that is to be considered.

18. What Are The Differences Between Blue Prism And Uipath?

Both come across as good tools and both have their own software. UI and BP, both have graphic process designers for developing the solutions.


In terms of programming languages:

  • Blue Prism Uses C# for coding
  • UiPath uses VB for coding

In terms of the Control Room/Dashboard:

  • BP has client based servers, accessible only through their apps
  • UiPath control room – The Orchestrator – is web based, accessible through browser or mobile

In terms of cost and uses:

  • UiPath is more affordable
  • It’s easier to learn on your own and operate
  • It’s a cake walk finding study material online

19. What do you by mean by the term Information Collection in RPA?

In RPA, robots need raw data or information to perform their operations smoothly and reliably. They generally collect this information from different resources and it is also possible that the same can be provided to them manually.

20. What do you mean by an unattended bot?

Bots that run unattended in virtual environments and can automate a variety of operations are known as unattended bots. This Robot is responsible for remote execution, monitoring, scheduling, and providing assistance for work queues, in addition to the features of the Attended Robot.