Comcast Hiring AWS Engineer

Location: Chennai
Experience: 3+ years
Skill: Knowledge for AWS


  • Drive CICD practices and processes for the team’s development efforts
  • Assist with leadership in choosing, configuring, and managing the right tools to handle deployment and release responsibilities of the applications
  • Advise developers on good practice with respect to development practices affecting build and deployment pipelines
  • Assist with advising on and often configuring the AWS-based infrastructure that underpins development efforts
  • Drive use of Infrastructure-as-code and automated infrastructure deploy-ability with the team
  • Automate and streamline deployment of AWS cloud environment
  • Understand and maintain tools for deployment, monitoring and operations of AWS services

Skills & Experience:

  • Knowledge of at-least one scripting language Shell/Python/node.js/etc.
  • Strong experience with modern CICD and build/deploy tools and practices, including Jenkins, GOCD, or similar
  • Strong experience with infrastructure provisioning automation, such as AWS Cloud Formation, Git Hub Enterprises, Atlas, Nexus, Docker
  • Strong understanding of Unix OS
  • Strong knowledge of security and risk mitigation through technology
  • Develop using AWS Container and Server-less technologies
  • Experience in cloud foundation best practices across multiple AWS environments, building multiple accounts for better data governance
  • Work with QA and production support teams
  • Help in defect fixing on the existing changes
  • Documentation work to enable application handover to the application support team
  • Perform application development activities involving design, coding and testing
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer certification will be an added advantage