IDP Hiring AWS Engineer

Location: Chennai
Experience: 1+ years
Skill: Knowledge for AWS


  • Automate IDP Cloud Operations, by driving scripting operations procedures and automation.
  • Identify, review, test and implement robust and performant automations that increase the quality and performance of IDP’s cloud operations.
  • Continuously push IDP towards AWS Best Practice and AWS Well-Architected framework
  • Drive AWS security practices.  No code (or infrastructure) ever moves into production with a known vulnerability.  We are entrusted with the personal information of students, and we take this extremely seriously.  With every other member of the team, you’ll be an expert voice in ensuring that Security and Privacy are a fundamental part of every design and deliverable.
  • Put in controls to enforce basic security policies such as Encryption at Rest, Encryption in Transit, and other fundamental security considerations on all users of AWS.
  • Adheres to the team’s standards and policies including peer reviews, security, monitoring, testing.
  • Participate in the design and personally delivery, via code, infrastructure including compute, network and storage components.
  • Utilize Terraform to provision well-architected and rightsized infrastructure.
  • Bring a Software Engineering Discipline to Infrastructure Provisioning and Maintenance
  • Work closely with Infrastructure Architects to develop code to implement approved designs using software development techniques such as source version control, testing, rollback plans and continuous integration.
  • Implement automations to deploy patching and routine maintenance across all IDP Cloud infrastructure.
  • Avoid written documentation.  Automate the creation of annotated documentation after every build (or automatically annotate hand-crafted documentation)
  • Maintain your knowledge on best practices, evolving threats, and opportunities to improve the performance, agility and cost effectiveness of the program.
  • IAM Policy Management – administer IAM policies to implement security policies based on the principle of least privilege.
  • Formalize Policies – will work together with Cloud Operations Management to create clear, effective policies and governance mechanisms around cloud deployment, usage and cost responsibility.
  • You will maintain and monitor access rules to the various tiers of environments (DEV, TST, PRD) by user type.
  • Routine AWS Monitoring and Reporting – You will regularly utilize AWS features such as Trusted Advisor, Guard Duty, and Well-Architected tools and produce actionable plans.  You’ll review these regularly with the Infrastructure leadership and implement.
  • Ensuring Best Practices – You will continuously review our environment against AWS Best Practice and Well Architected standards.   You’ll make recommendations and improvements in a structured and methodical manner.
  • You love technology, are continuously learning and extending your knowledge of best practice and the business value of technology innovations.
  • Cost Management – ensure Tagging policies are in place and enforced
  • Routinely review AWS spend for any spikes and optimisation opportunities.  You’ll feel comfortable in highlighting actions that can be taken to reduce spend.
  • Schedule uptimes/down times and utilize RIs to effectively manage cost
  • Participate in high-profile Delivery Projects – You will work in a virtual team with the Development, Support, Testing and Service Desk to ensure the delivery of high quality services and applications.
  • As with most integrated environments, much of our next phase of innovation involves improving and extending integration between our various systems.
  • Mentor and participate in Team Development – As a senior Developer we’d like you to share your skills and experience to develop the team.
  • IDP runs and Academy for recent graduates to morph their education into the direct skills that make them valuable in business.  You’ll take one or two of these Academy graduates under your wing and mentor them as they mature into a high-performing Software Developer.
  • Drive Observability & Supportability – In addition to the low maintenance code you personally produce you’ll assertively mandate the same from the entire team.
  • Work with development teams to establish and maintain an automated continuous integration pipeline
  • Experience in creating and maintaining Lambda functions and Event Monitoring.
  • Powershell, Bash, Python skills
  • Strong communications skills – both written and verbal.  You’ll be relied on by leadership and other technical specialists for advice and direction – you must be able to communicate clearly and accurately.
  • You relish opportunities to learn new technologies.
  • A sense of urgency and fundamental commitment to quality.


  • Terraform: Infrastructure as Code, deployment framework
  • Python, Aurora and ReactJS
  • AWS microservices – Lambda / API Gateway, SQS, SNS
  • SAP Cloud: Hybris Com and Marketing, C4C; Webhooks, ODATA Services
  • Architecture: Microservices, Event Driven, Pub/Sub Model, Data Queues, Data Lake
  • AWS services; Lambda (serverless); API Gateway, MySQL/MSSQL, CloudFormation, DynamoDB, Cognito, S3, IAM, CloudWatch, EC2, EKS, VPC, IAM, Route 53, RDS, Lambda
  • AWS Cloud experience – CloudFormation, Tags, ASGs, EC2, VPCs, CW, RDS, DDB, SNS etc.
  • Jira, ReactJS, Aurora, Sumo Logic
  • Linux operating system experience (highly desirable)
  • Knowledge of Oracle and SQL databases and applications (highly desirable)
  • SAAS environments – e.g. ServiceNow
  • Knowledge of core AWS Cloud Services (EC2, EKS, VPC, IAM, Route 53, RDS, Lambda)
  • Strong Knowledge of Containerization technologies (Kubernetes, Docker)
  • Proficient with Git, GitLab, CI/CD Pipelines
  • Knowledge of cloud monitoring tools (Datadog, AppDynamics, CloudTrail)
  • Familiar with Agile and DevOps development methodologies
  • DevOps experience with automated provisioning/config Management with Ansible
  • Continuous Delivery (Automated Build – Maven), Deployment and Testing
  • Experience in domain driven design, microservices including event-sourcing patterns