Top Skills a Dot Net Developer Must Have

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Skills and Responsibilities of Good Dot Net Developer:

Microsoft Dot Net is one of the software  development component. It provides tools and libraries to the software developers so that they can create software applications in a more efficient manner.

If you prefer working with Windows products, Dot Net is the main solution for Windows servers either in the cloud or on a local network. Most clients look for a web-based Dot Net architecture because it’s easy to build, scale, and deploy in the cloud. However, Dot Net  also supports desktop applications and mobile apps.

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What is Dot Net?

Dot Net is a software development framework from Microsoft. It provides a controlled programming environment where software can be developed, installed and executed on mainly Windows-based operating systems. 

What is Dot Net Developer?

Dot Net Developer role is similar to Software Developer. Responsible of Dot Net  developer is programming and develop the dot net applications Here we discuss about main roles and responsibilities to become a Dot Net Developer.

Roles and  Responsiblities of Dot Net developer:

Dot Net developers should have  knowledge about  basic languages in order to carry out their tasks efficiently. Given below are the main responsibilities of an Dot Net developer:

  • Work in a development team to develop integrated Dot Net applications.
  • Perform design and development of web based services and window based applications.
  • Work closely with quality assurance team to ensure delivery of high quality and reliable web applications.
  • Monitoring software application performance and make necessary changes if needed.
  • Develop databases including queries, triggers and stored procedures for Web based application.
  • Interact with client to define new project features and requirements.
  • Research and develop prototypes of complicated design solutions.
  • Conduct application testing based on test cases and test plans.
    Resolve application defects and issues in a timely manner.
  • Works collaboratively with Project Manager to ensure timely delivery of project.
  • Coordinate with Business Analysts and Test Analysts to ensure that the developed application meets technical requirements and client needs.

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Skills to become a Best Dot Net Developer:

  • Having great knowledge in, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, and C#, JavaScript, VB.NET.
  • Enhance existing systems by analyzing business objectives, preparing an action plan and identifying stages for modification and improvement.
  • Design, code and test new Windows and web based software applications.
  • Create technical specifications and test plans for application.
  • Maintaining previous software systems by identifying and correcting software defects.
  • Investigate and develop skills in new technologies .