Understanding the basics of Web Service in Asp.Net

Web Service in Asp.Net is an open protocol that is used to exchange requests data between applications.  The application that is written in many different programming languages and that run on different platforms can use Web services to exchange data over computer networks.

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What is Web Service?

A Web Service in Asp.net is mainly a web-based functionality accessed using the protocols of the web to be used by the web applications. It is language independent and Web Services communicate by using standard web protocols and data formats, such as

  • HTTP
  • XML
  • SOAP

Few Facts about Web Service in Asp.Net:

Each Response from web service is a new object, with a new state.

  • Web Service is asynchronous because the request object from the client application and the response object from the web service are unique SOAP envelopes that do not require the shared connection.
  • Web Service allows client application and also the web service to continue processing while the interaction is ongoing.
  • Instead of a user interface, it provides a standard defined interface called a contract.

 Web Service at Asp.Net:

Asp.Net Web Service is simple and easy to understand. we use frameworks such as ASP and ASP.NET to build Web applications, we would much rather use a framework for building Web Services.  Web service uses XML to tag data and SOAP to transfer a message and then WSDL to describe the availability of web services.

There are some standard used by Web Services in ASP.Net which are given below


HTTP is known as  HyperText Transfer Protocol.All Internet protocols follow some rules.It is a connectionless protocol.This protocol is used to transmit the data between web services and it users (website).  It performs each command independently and does not string commands together.  HTTP does not remember past commands and will forget the current command as soon as it is executed.  If you want to get data from the server, use HTTP GET; if you want to send new data to the server, use HTTP POST.


XML is known as Extensible Markup Language.It is a standard used by all web services to transfer the data.It is platform independent.So that we can use web services on any website without facing platform compatibility problem.  It will make programmatic web service access to it easier and more reliable. XML is used to encode responses.


SOAP and XML created the solution for the problem that developers were facing before. SOAP is an  XML based protocol it is communicated over HTTP.
The last optional part of the SOAP Protocol specification defines what an HTTP message that contains a SOAP message looks like. We can do with SOAP message is pass complex objects and data over the wire and for these operations to work you need to use SOAP.

Advantages of Web Services:

  • Web service can easily handle multiple requests at a time simultaneously.
  • It is compatible to communicate with the different platform.
  • It follows XML ,HTTP Standards.
  • It enhances the security feature of any website.
  • It takes less processing time to calculate the logic code.

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