Basic HTML Concepts required for Selenium

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, which describes the structure of web pages using markups. These elements are the building blocks for the HTML pages and also they are represented by tags.

The HTML tags contains angle brackets “< >” which contains the start and end tag where as the end consists of a forward slash before the tag name. The HTML concepts that are required for a selenium tester is as follows,

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HTML concepts – Syntax:

<tagname>content here</tagname>

<tagname>is the opening tag and the</tagname>is the closing tag in an HTML document

Common elements that we generally see in a web page which a selenium tester also must know about is as follows,

  • Text-box
  • Text-area
  • link
  • radio-buttons
  • check-box
  • drop-down / list-box
  • table

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Elements under HTML concepts: 

The elements which comes under the HTML concepts which are required as mentioned above is grouped as follows,

  • Single elements
  • Group elements
  • Customized elements

Single Elements:

We can easily find the single elements using ID, Link or by LinkText

HTML Concepts

Group Elements: 

Along with the combination of value or index property a name is preferred as identifier, Combining that group of values with that name is called as Group elements.


HTML Concepts

In the above mentioned example., The name “Month” is preferred as the identifier, and the values listed below is the Group elements.


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