Future of Selenium Automation Testing

As we all know Selenium Automation Testing is replacing the manual testing moderately because of the effectiveness of the Automation Testing. If we talk about Automation testing then we all know that Selenium Automation Testing is the current trend and also popular with the developers.

Selenium is an open source tool which is used in large number of projects, Our previous articles about Selenium3 – With Official Download Link describes you about the latest update in Selenium.

Here this post in our Series of Selenium tutorials will explains you about the Future of Selenium Automation Testing.

Selenium Automation Testing Complete Topics PDF Link

Selenium automation testing is more popular today because of the cost. Although there are many paid tools Selenium performance better than those and also open source, has the flexibility to use it long term as well.

So far software industry is concerned every organization’s aim is to deliver their project which is impressively perfect in look, feel, performance and also better user experience. These factors are easily reachable by Selenium.  Reasons  which going to make the future of Selenium Automation testing are as follows,

  • Free and Open Source
  • OS and Web Browser Support
  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenese

Free and Open Source:

Selenium Automation Testing

As mentioned above it is an Open Source released by ThoughtWork, Can also  be downloaded easily, (Selenium  Official Download Link) . Selenium automation testing can be used in small, medium and also for larger projects.  Learn Why Selenium the best automation tool?

Web Browser Support:

Selenium Automation Testing

It is one of the important factor that every project developers must  be careful about, Web Browser Support. Especially for web apps it is a challenge to make them in run across all the browser. Henc eit is needed to test the performance of the apps in all the browsers.

It  can be done professionaly by Selenium tools which also helps to enable the app performance quickly on popularly used web browsers.  Learn – Selenium WebDriver Architecture in detail

Selenium IDE:

While performing a test it is required to record, edit and debug the test. This Selenium Integrated development  environment helps t o record,edit and debug the tests. You can also play back the test in an actual environment.

Useful Link: Selenium IDE Installation guide – A Step by Step guide for beginners.

Selenese – Selenium Commands:

Selenese is the set of Selenium commands which are particularly  used to rest your web application. It can be used to test broken links, ajax functionality, list options, verifies the state of application.

There are three categories of Selenium commands, They are as follows,

  • Actions
  • Assertions
  • Accessors

Detailed Description of all there commands:  Selenese – Selenium commands explained

These are the features which make Selenium the best automation testing tool also in future.

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