Aspire Systems Hiring Quality Analyst

Job Description

Aspire Systems, Inc. has an opening for a Senior Quality Assurance Analyst at our offices in Oak Brook, Illinois. The Senior QA Analyst will work with Aspire’s customers to test highly customized software products using proprietary programs, automation tools, and other processes developed by our company. Specifically, the QA Analyst will be responsible for the following:

  • Technical Testing:
    • Understand the architecture and design in case of an existing product and work on the same to suit the requirements;
    • Responsible for developing test scenarios and test cases;
    • Involved in test execution and analyzing test results;
    • Participate in performing impact analysis on the test results and proactively suggest ways to improve testing;
    • Test case preparation from the test scenario/requirement specifications on the functional level, taking into consideration factors such as effectiveness, defect fixes, new features, etc.;
    • Develop integration test cases taking into account those features of the Company framework that are unique and different from models previously used by the customer;
    • Evaluate test results and perform root cause analysis of the defects;
    • Analyze and understand software requirements for the assigned unit;
    • Document the testing process;
    • Log the time spent on each task/activity in the time tracker.
  • Project Delivery:
    • Responsibility for building test coverage and mapping the test scenarios and test cases;
    • Responsible for Requirement analysis;
    • Responsibility for performing impact analysis on the test results and proactively suggest ways to improve the testing;
    • Involvement in test execution and analyzing the test results and categorizing them as a bug, functional deviation, database, systems issues, etc. Also should be able to suggest the solution for the issue;
    • Involved in the preparation of guidelines and standards for testing;
    • Report any issues that are encountered during the project execution;
    • Estimation of the deliverables based on discussion with stakeholders;
    • Planning of the work product;
    • Ensure the project delivery on time with quality;
    • Prepare and produce releases of the product with deployment activities being handled.
  • Quality Assurance:
    • Responsible for updating and maintaining the Requirements Traceability Matrix;
    • Explore and solve technical issues;
    • Adhere to the specified quality standards;
    • Execute the task assigned with extreme quality and focus, paying attention to details;
    • Ensure that tested software meets technical requirements;
    • Adhere to organization-wide processes and policies (security, quality, resource usage);
    • Responsible for tracking the defects report and defects closure;
    • Develop standards to ensure that quality levels and customer specifications are met without compromise;
    • Adhere to defined processes and standards and mentor a team to implement processes.
  • Coordination:
    • Collect requirements from the customer, analyze and prioritize them;
    • Interact with the customer daily through emails and calls to discuss requirements and clarifications;
    • Coordinate with the development team with detailed instructions for improvement /correction if technical requirements are not met;
    • Work along with the QA team to comply with the testing standards of the company;
    • Engage in negotiating the timelines and deadlines of each release.
  • Research and Development:
    • For any new feature that is to be added to the project, on the technical front do feasibility studies with different approaches;
    • Based on the feasibility, prepare decision analysis and resolution and come up with the final approach;
    • Support continuous improvement by investigating alternatives and technologies.


Minimum Requirements: Associate’s Degree or foreign equivalent in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, or a related field, plus 2 years of experience in a related IT position. Required experience must include working with automation tools and end-to-end validation; experience analyzing requirements, developing, executing, and maintaining test cases for POS and Store Application servers across various technologies; experience with Omni Channel and E-commerce applications including order management, Pricing and Promotions; experience with building and deploying POS servers, and managing handheld devices. All candidates must have legal authority to permanently work in the US. Applicants meeting all requirements, please submit your C.V. to

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