3 -Tier Architecture in Asp.Net

  • Three Tier Architecture in Asp.Net


Three Tier Web Architecture is that unique system of developing web database application. The  Three Tier Architecture in Asp.Net is designed to provide a greater degree of flexibility for each web application.  It does not matter whether it is web Application  or windows application, we can implement  Three Tier Architecture in Asp.Net in any type of environment.


Three Tier Architecture in Asp.Net:

A three way interaction in a Client and server environment. Three tier architecture means dividing our project into three layers that is,

  • Presentation Layer
  • Business Layer
  • Data Layer

Presentation Layer:

Presentation layer is your user interface layer where you can design your interface using html web controls or windows controls or mobile controls. The user interface is stored in the client.

Business Layer:

Business Layer is the middle layer or bridge layer that connects database layer and presentation layer. In Business layer you can write your business logic  or any validation code. The bulk of the business application is stored in one or more servers.

Data Layer:

Database layer which makes the connection to the database server. In Data layer you can write database connection and SQL queries or stored procedures. This layer only communicates with business layer. The data is stored in a Database server.

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Why Three Tier Architecture:

        Needs of new Web Application

  • Business will increasingly compete being the first to market with new electronic goods and service
  • Meets the requirement of large scale internet and intranet client
  • Is easier to manage deploy on the network
  • Provieds better security

Advantages of Three Tier Architecture in Asp.Net:

  • Each layer always use your separate codes,so it is easy to modify the codes.
  • It is helpful to easily maintain and understand the large projects.
  • You can easily change your graphical Environment.
  • It is more secure because any users can’t access the database directly.
  • You can easily change any layer codes without affecting other two layers.
  • It is a more consistence application.

Disadvantages of  Three Tier Architecture in Asp.Net:

  • In General Three Tier Architecture is more complex to build compared to 2 – tier Architecture.
  • Point of communication are doubled