C# Basics for Beginners

  • C# Basics for Beginners and Professional


Introduction to C#:

C# Basics for Beginners – C# is an object oriented language which is based on Microsoft Dot Net Framework .It has been derived from C programming language .C# is mainly suitable for  developing web based application .Major parts of Dot net Framework are actually coded in C#.

Why C#:

C and C++  languages suffer from many shortcomings in meeting worldwide requirements and standards .

Some of them are as follows,

  • The high complexity of language ,low productivity ,weak in consistency ,poor type safety.
  • Microsoft therefore decided to design a new language .The result is C# a simple and modern language its fulfills the software development.

Prerequisites to learn C#:

Basic understanding of C or C++ is enough for learning Microsoft Dot Net Framework,

Easy to Learn

Features of C#:

            C# was developed as a language that would combine the best features of previously existing Web and Windows Programming language.

  • Modern
  • Object Oriented
  • Simple and flexible
  • Type safety
  • Scalable

Where C# is used:

C# is used window and web based application. some Application  are listed here,

  • Console application –make chat servers
  • Mobile Application
  • Making Games
  • Create Web Services
  • Web Application

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