DevOps Interview Questions and Answers Set 1

1. What is DevOps?

It is a newly emerging term in the IT field, which is nothing but a practice that emphasizes the collaboration and communication of both software developers and other information technology (IT) professionals. It focuses on delivering software product faster and lowering the failure rate of releases.

2. What are the core operations of DevOps in terms of development and Infrastructure?

The core operations of DevOps are:

Application development, code developing, code coverage, unit testing, packaging, deployment with infrastructure, provisioning, configuration, orchestration, and deployment.

3. What is Version control and it uses?

It is a system that records changes to a file or set of files over time so that you can recall specific versions later.

Uses of Version control

  • Revert files back to a previous state.
  • Revert the entire project back to a previous state.
  • Compare changes over time.
  • See who last modified something that might be causing a problem

4. List out some popular tools for DevOps?

Some of the popular tools for DevOps are

  • Jenkins
  • Nagios
  • Monit
  • ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)
  • io
  • Jenkins
  • Docker
  • Ansible
  • Git
  • Collectd/Collectl

Weekend / Weekday Batch

5. What is Git?

Git is a Distributed Version Control system (DVCS). It can track changes to a file and allows you to revert back to any particular change.

6. Mention at what instance have you used the SSH?

I have used SSH to log into a remote machine and work on the command line.  Beside this, I have also used it to tunnel into the system in order to facilitate secure encrypted communications between two untrusted hosts over an insecure network.

7. Explain how DevOps is helpful to developers?

DevOps can be helpful to developers to fix the bug and implement new features quickly.  It also helps for clearer communication between the team members.

8. Mention what are the types of Http requests?

The types of Http requests are

  • GET
  • HEAD
  • PUT
  • POST

9. What Are Vagrant And Its Uses?

 Vagrant used the virtual box as the hypervisor for virtual environments and in the current scenario, it is also supporting the KVM. Kernel-based Virtual Machine

A vagrant is a tool that can create and manage environments for testing and developing software.

10. List The Agile Methodology Of DevOps?

  • DevOps is a process
  • Agile is same as DevOps.
  • A separate group for are framed.
  • It is problem-solving.
  • Developers managing production
  • DevOps is development-driven release management