DevOps Interview Questions and Answers Set-8

71. What Are The Benefits Of The NoSQL?

  • The non-relational and schema-less data model
  • Low latency and high performance
  • Highly scalable

72. How We Can Make Sure New Service Is Ready For The Products Launched?

  • Backup System
  • Recovery plans
  • Load Balancing
  • Monitoring
  • Centralized logging

73. What is Git bisect?

Git bisect is used to find the commit that introduced a bug by using binary search.

74. Mention what is the difference between Memcache and Memcached?

Memcache: It is an extension that allows you to work through handy object-oriented (OOP’s) and procedural interfaces. It is designed to reduce database load in dynamic web applications.

 Memcached: It is an extension that uses lib Memcached library to provide API for communicating with Memcached servers. It is used to increase the dynamic web applications by alleviating database load. It is the latest API.

75. List the major difference between the Agile and DevOps?


  • Agile is about software development


  • DevOps is about software deployment and management.
  • DevOps does not replace Agile or Lean. It does this by killing waste, removing handovers, and streamlining deployments to allow faster and more continuous deployments to PRODUCTION.

Weekend / Weekday Batch

76. How is Chef used as a CM tool?

The chef is considered to be one of the preferred industry-wide CM tools. Facebook migrated its infrastructure and backend IT to the Chef platform, for example. Explain how Chef helps you to avoid delays by automating processes. The scripts are written in Ruby. It can integrate with cloud-based platforms and configure new systems. It provides many libraries for infrastructure development that can later be deployed within a software. Its centralized management system, one Chef server is enough to be used as the center for deploying various policies.

77. Name three important DevOps KPIs.

There are many KPIs that can be used to measure DevOps success. Three of the most common DevOps KPIs are:

  • meantime to failure recovery
  • deployment frequency
  • percentage of failed deployments

78. Mention some important features of Memcached?

Important features of Memcached includes

CAS Tokens: A CAS token is attached to an object retrieved from the cache. You can use that token to save your updated object.
Callbacks: It simplifies the code
getDelayed: It reduces the delay time of your script which is waiting for results to come back from the server
Binary protocol: You can use binary protocol instead of ASCII with the newer client
Igbinary: Previously, the client always used to do serialization of the value with complex data, but with Memcached, you can use igbinary option

79.  When the server gets shut down does data stored in Memcached is still available?

Data stored in Memcached is not durable so if the server is shut down or restarted then all the data stored in Memcached is deleted.

80. Discuss your experience in building bridges between IT Ops, QA, and development?

DevOps is all about effective communication and collaboration. I’ve been able to deal with production issues from the development and operations sides, effectively straddling the two worlds. I’m less interested in finding blame or playing the hero than I am with ensuring that all of the moving parts come together.