PMP Interview Questions and Answers Set 2

11. In what types of situations is it best to abandon loyalty to your manager?

No situation by default unless your manager is going against the law and moral values.

12. Why are you interested in this position?

Can state the qualities of a Project Manager which eventually contributing to the holistic benefits gained by the company and yourself.

13. Which one skill does a project manager need to succeed?

Well, if you are a project manager you might already be thinking that there can’t be one skill that is enough to be successful. And, you are right. Your answer could be leadership skills, communication skills, or time management skills. What the interviewer is looking for is the justification for the answer. So, before you blurt out anything, have your reasons ready.

14. What were the failure points in your last project? How do handle the team during a crisis?

This is asked to test your abilities as a team leader. Answer humbly by stating the pros and cons of being a team manager and how you decide to make the most of every situation. Tell your employer that you intend to grow with the company which you believe can happen with the overall growth of the team.

15. What have you learned from your failures?

Lesson learns are important not to repeat similar mistakes and provide better estimation for the future.

Weekend / Weekday Batch

16. What criteria are you using to find your next job?

It will show you what’s important to them at work: green credentials, career progression, work/life balance, working for a big brand etc. It will also tell you if they are actively job hunting or whether they saw your ad and couldn’t resist (either is fine).

17. How have you improved project management processes at your current firm?

Not everyone has the chance to work on business critical, exciting projects that make for a great CV, but everyone has the chance to offer some suggestions for improvements (even if they aren’t taken up). Look for someone who has ideas and who isn’t afraid to put them forward.

18.Tell me about special projects or training you have had that would be relevant to this job?

Mention of similar industry domain, certifications will be a plus.

19. What are some things that you would not like your job to include?

Be careful of things that you dislike, as a Project Manager should be flexible and a problem-solver.

20. What creative problem solving techniques do you use?

It’s worth probing the technical skills of candidates. Can they talk knowledgeably about fishbone diagrams, De Bono’s thinking hats, role play? Branch out to talk about the last project issue they resolved with creative thinking.


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