Professional Android Apps for Data Backup

It is now a days a most needed thing for a  person to back up all the important stuffs from electronics devices Espescially in mobiles because of handling everything in mobile from bank details to personal mails. You never know when things will go wrong and don’t want to lose any of your stuff when such events occur.

What’s supported on Android:

  • Application install files (If phone has root access, this includes APK+Data and Market Links)
  • Photos
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Contacts
  • Call log
  • Browser bookmarks
  • SMS (text messages)
  • MMS (attachments in messages)
  • System Settings
  • Home screens (including HTC Sense UI)
  • Wallpaper
  • Alarms
  • Dictionary
  • Calendar

Backing up your Android phone is a pretty important thing. Don’t wait until it’s too late to start thinking about backing up your phone.

Develop your Own Android App

Just start now,


Helium lets you backup your data and apps to your cloud storage or SD card. Using this app, you can backup and restore your apps to your computer or your device depending on your preferences. With Helium – Backup and App Sync, you can backup Android apps and data to the PC and SD card, and restore in times of need. The premium version of Helium also lets you backup and sync your backups with cloud storage service like, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc making it easier to restore your data directly from the cloud

Download Helium from Google Play Store

2.App Backup & Restore

As its name suggests, App Backup & Restore is created to backup Android apps. It allows you to backup Android apps to SD card and restore when you’re in need. Besides app backup and restore, it also helps to categorize apps by size , name and installation date, search apps from Google market, and send apps via Email.

Download App Backup & Restore from Google Play Store

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3.CM Backup App

Cheetah Mobile’s CM Backup is one of the more popular and highly rated backup apps. It doesn’t backup applications, but it will backup contacts, call logs, messages,bookmarks, calendar info, alarms, and user dictionaries. CM backup stands out with its unique features. Unlike most – CM Backup is a cloud solution so you’ll be backing up to their cloud and restoring from there. This makes it easy for cross-device restoring. It also includes a website that you can manage and view your backups. We’re not always the biggest fans of Cheetah Mobile, but this app actually works pretty well. You’ll also get 5GB of free storage for backups when you sign up.

Download CM Backup App from Google Play Store

4.My Backup Pro

My Backup Pro is also an easy-to-use Android app. It helps to backup music, photos and playlists, contacts, apps , call log, videos, MMS, SMS ,calendar, system Settings, browser bookmarks, home Screens, alarms, dictionary, etc. The backup files will be saved on the cloud or the SD Card. Thus, If you want to make Android online backup, My Backup Pro is a nice choice.

Download My Backup Pro from Google Play Store

5.Super Backup

Super Backup : SMS & Contacts is regarded as a quick data backup app for Android. It enables you to backup contacts, SMS, call logs, calendars and bookmarks to your Android SD card and Gmail. Besides, it empowers you to backup Android app without root.

When you lose data or do a factory reset, you can restore call logs , SMS,  contacts, , calendars and bookmarks from SD card easily. However, to restore app data, you need root your Android phone.