Android Developer Jobs in 2020

Android App Development is one of the hottest career options available today.Country’s booming mobile phone industry in India will require about 20 million application developers by 2020,according to Internet & Mobile Association of India(IAMAI)President Subho Ray.

“Presently there are between 50-70 thousand professional mobile app developers in India.This number is absolutely insufficient.By 2020 we will have over billion phones connected on internet.My estimate is that we will need 20 million app developers at that time,

He said that 20 million is a rough estimate and IAMAI is refining the number which will be released soon.

The report ‘An Inquiry Into The Impact of India’s App Economy’ estimates direct employment in app industry to range between 1,51,230 and 1,59,010 by 2016 that account for 75,000 jobs in India at present.The study estimated mobile app industry in the country to be around Rs.1,964 crore in 2016.

Accordingly the report estimated the increase in direct employment attributable to India’s App economy is to be range between 76,230 and 84,010 jobs from 2014 to 2016.

“App also causes income growth that has its own secondary impact on jobs.These indirect and induced effects could result in an increase in total employment by up to 8 times during the period 2014 to 2016.At its best,the App economy could generate over 6,00,000 jobs,” ICRIER Director & Cheif Executive Rajat Kathuria said.

Top skills companies looking from an “Android App Developer

Proficiency in Java programming:An Android app developer must be well-versed with Java programming language. Native Android development requires using Java and Android Studio/Eclipse as an integrated development environment.

Technically sound: The developer should be proficient with hands-on experience in Android Studio, Android SDK, APIs and other required tools.

Cross platform solutions: As the mobile market is growing, mobile users are getting fragmented in terms of the operating systems. Android app developers can easily port their mobiles apps to sync with different operating systems.

Design details :It is the unique design and thoughtful design of the app that makes it user-friendly and ultimately a success.  For millions of apps available for download, your app needs to be easy to us, have a good design and slick usability to really stand out.

Hunger to learn: A good developer always asks questions and is keen to learn about technology advancement.

Adaptability:One of the most important aspects of adaptability is the reaction to change. As a great developer, one should not react to comments, criticism, and other sorts of uncomfortable situations. Adaptability is a key factor to becoming a great Android app developer.

Some of the top companies looking for Android Developers are GoogleAmazonFacebookIntelUberYahoo!VMwareAmerican ExpressFord Motors, and more.

If you love to be hooked to Android games and other useful applications, then Android App Development is the ideal career choice for you!