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                Now a days .NET is one of the leading platform for Application Development.It is a most important software framework from Microsoft, its always continues to rocks the information technology. Microsoft .NET technology offers a many interesting trends. I recommend you to read some important concepts here,

Top10 .NET Article You should not miss

1. Understanding the basics of Web Service in Asp.Net

Web Service in Asp.Net is an open protocols that is used to exchange requests data between applications.  Application that are written in many different programming languages and that run on different platforms can use Web services to exchange data over computer networks .Read More

2.Three -Tier Architecture in Asp.Net

Three Tier Web Architecture is that unique system of developing web database application. The  Three Tier Architecture in Asp.Net is designed to provide a greater degree of flexibility for each web application. If web Application or window Application it does not matter you should use The Tirer Architecture in any way to the application. Read More

3.MVC Framework Introduction – ASP.NET MVC Overview

MVC is a  Software Design Pattern for developing Web Application .MVC separates  the given application into three interconnected parts .ASP.Net MVC framework has been a real advantage for developers to build ASP.Net applications. Read More 

4.Understanding Asp.Net Validators Techniques

In this article we discuss about understanding the basic Asp.Net validation techniques and controls . We will try to understand which validation control should be used in any particular scenario and then make a small web  application to illustrate the use of validation controls. Read More 

5. Event Handling In Asp.Net

The events are raised by the client. The server handles all the event requests. If the user presses a key, the key press event is raised. The server handles the key press event. The Event handler is a subroutine it is  defined at the server end. The actions to be performed when an event is raised are defined in the handler.The event is raised by the client and the server checks for the availability of the appropriate handler in Asp.Net . If the corresponding event is present, the event handler is executed. Read More

6. State Management in ASP.Net

In article we will discuss about State Management Technique in Asp.Net.Generally Browsers are always stateless.The browser communicate with the server using HTTP Protocol. As we all know HTML is a stateless language.Here, stateless means whenever we visit a website, our browser communicate with the respective server depends upon our request. It means that web server does not have any idea about the requests from where they coming.That means from same client or new clients. On each request web pages are created and destroyed . Read More

7. Query String in Asp.Net

A query string in Asp.Net  is a value specified in an HTTP query that can be used easily within ASP.NET. The query string is appended at the end of the URL following the question mark(‘?’) character. Multiple query strings can be specified in the URL by separating them by either an (‘&’) or a  (‘;’). Query strings can be used for many different levels, one common use is to display different information on the same pages based on the query string. Read More 

8.Data Cache in Asp.Net

Caching is the process of storing frequently used data and information in memory. so that,when the same information or data is needed next time, it could be directly retrieved from the memory instead of being generated by the application. Caching is one of the most important technique in creating a high-performance and  scalable web application. Read More

9. Directives for ASP.NET Web Forms

Asp.Net Page directives are something that is one of the important   part of every Asp.net pages.  The Behavior of the asp.net pages controlled by the page directives it is inserted at the top an Asp.Net Page. Read More

10. Multithreading in Asp.Net

In this article we will discuss about Multithreading programming. Sometimes you need to perform a long time task, that uses intensive CPU operations. Sometimes you are acquiring a database and waiting for the results. Not to mention when we are performing an intensive I/O operations. As a result our, application will be dead with no response until this time consuming operation completes. Read More 

Conclusion :

I hope this articles would have helped you in understanding Asp.Net Concepts . For a complete list of support and detailed resources on each of the topics described here. It gives you a platform to learn .NET Framework.

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