Alation Hiring DevOps Engineer

What we are:

  • Our team is a group of intelligent, hard-working, and fun people with diverse backgrounds
  • Our product consists of a solution for people to find, understand, use, and govern data
  • Our system runs smart algorithms, including machine learning, to organize data from diverse sources and deeply analyzes their semantics and usage

What we are not:

  • A database or cloud computing company
  • A business intelligence company
  • A consulting company

Some of the things you will be doing include…

  • Building the technical and cultural foundations of our engineering team
  • Owning and developing for our IT and Infrastructure environments
  • Developing automation for AWS, Azure, GCP, Jenkins, Atlassian, GitHub
  • Developing our release management and upgrade infrastructure
  • Developing configuration and integration tools with customer IT systems
  • Playing key role in defining and implementing security practices

You should have… (in no particular)

  • Ability to drive projects independently
  • Quickly solve problems you have never worked with before
  • A desire to automate the world
  • Experience with Unix/Linux ( Centos / Redhat / Ubuntu ), Windows and MacOS
  • Strong in at least 2 programming and 1 scripting languages: ruby, python, groovy,  bash, ps1
  • Desired tooling: chef, terraform or cloudformation, jobDSL experience.
  • Experience with network management, configuration and troubleshooting
  • Respect for security
  • Desire to participate in a fast-paced and intense startup environment

Sample projects (NOT representative of all our engineering areas):

  • Automated environment inception ( on multiple cloud platforms )
  • Auto-scaling SCM managed CI/CD ( with zero manual config )
  • Employee self provisioning and on-boarding
  • Integrated multi-DB testing infrastructure
  • Automating CC ( AWS, Azure ) Cost self-management.