Software One Hiring Associate Consultant-DevOps(Azure)


SoftwareONE – Worldwide in your neighbourhood

SoftwareONE helps clients manage all aspects of their software portfolio, with the objective of reducing complexity, costs and risks for the client, while increasing the flexibility of their IT landscape to adjust to changing business needs.

The proprietary Software Portfolio Management (SPM) methodology covers all aspects of a customer’s software lifecycle:

  • Embedding of business requirements in a Software Portfolio Strategy
  • Optimization of procurement processes and licensing terms of deployed software
  • Management of the client’s software requirements, as well as provision of software. Ensuring compliance of existing contracts.

Globally headquartered in Stans, Switzerland with a local presence in 82 countries, our 3000 technology consultants help our customers optimize all aspects of their software portfolio, leveraging our extensive technical and commercial expertise and strong knowledge of and relationships with all main publishers, such as Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, VMware, Oracle, Citrix,Symantec, McAfee, and many more.

Our mission is to fully realize and maintain the status as the Premier Global Software Portfolio Management Provider serving the needs of our customers and enable them with the ability to leverage our organization’s extensive expertise to meet your strategic business initiatives.


  • Azure Compute (VMs, Scale Sets, Cloud Services – Worker/Web)
  • Azure Storage (Blob, Files, Disk)
  • Azure Networking (Load Balancer, Application Gateway, DNS,
  • Azure Security (Firewalls, Azure Security Center, WAF, IDS, IPS, NSG)
  • Powershell Scripting
  • In-depth knowledge working with and managing Git (Bitbucket,Github)
  • Demonstrated Cloud Engineering skills on the Microsoft Azure platform
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of CI/CD processes and tools (Jenkins,Salt Stack, Ansible, etc)
  • Prior experience using automation tools (ARM, Powershell)
  • Understanding of agile and other development processes and methodologies
  • Expertise in Release Engineering, Configuration Management, Cloud Infrastructure and Automation. (Chef / Puppet / Ansible)
  • Familiar with Linux and/or Windows operating systems
  • 5 years in a DevOps Engineering role with hands-on coding focus
  • Experience with integrations across CI, SCM on the cloud
  • Demonstrated knowledge of most of the following: monitoring, alerts, logging, build/deploy, service discovery, load detection, scaling, self-healing, auto-testing, big data tools, cloud security.
  • Knowledge on tools like Chef, Ansible, Jenkins, Capistrano, Terraform, Consul, Docker, Vagrant, Otto, Openstack, Artifactory, Sonar, Packer, Serverspec
  • Experience in working with Version-Control System.
  • Conducting Azure Cloud Migrations
  • Facilitate cloud migration preparations
  • Coordinating cloud migration (application owners, vendor support, customer infrastructure support, etc)
  • Knowledge on Azure Site Recovery
  • Conduct cutovers
  • Facilitate testing
  • Facilitate handover
  • Facilitate rollbacks/rescheduling if required
  • Migration Status reporting


  • Strong knowledge and exposure working across various services and components in Azure
  • Develop solutions & contribute in cloud deployment, systems / App re-engineering / re-hosting
  • Experience in testing APIs using PostMan
  • Knowledge on Cloud Architectures – IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, Docker.
  • Datacenter Infrastructure Administration
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Communicates clearly and tactfully
  • Ensures information is accurate and complete
  • Motivated and quick learner
  • Willingness mentor, teach, share knowledge with team members and other operational teams
  • Implementing Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions /
  • Puppet Certification /
  • Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Ansible Automation /
  • Docker Certified Associate (DCA) /
  • Certified Kubernetes Administrator or Developer /Chef Badges /
  • Saltstack Certification
  • Working knowledge of in the following areas of Azure
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Identity (Authentication & Authorization)
  • Azure Compute (VMs, ScaleSets, Cloud Services – Worker/Web)
  • Azure Storage (Blob, Files, Disk)
  • Azure Networking (Load Balancer, Application Gateway, DNS,
  • Azure Security (Firewalls, Azure Security Center, WAF, IDS, IPS, NSG)
  • PowerShell/Shell/Chef/Puppet/Ansible Scripting
  • DevOps Implementation
  • Experience with AWS/GCP/AzureStack/OpenStack will be advantageous