BlockChain Interview Questions and Answers Set 10

91. What is the lightning network?

The lightning network is an off-chain and scalable solution to improve the working of bitcoin. It will bring instant transactions at low or no cost associated with it. Moreover, it will make bitcoin more scalable by taking the majority of the hard work off-chain. The lightning network is in active development and is already being used by many vendors.

92. What is atomic swap?

Atomic swap enables faster transfers thanks to the use of smart contracts. It is a revolutionary technology that allows peers to exchange one cryptocurrency to another without any intermediary exchange. It is done off-chain and between two different blockchains.

93. What do you think about the future of blockchain?

The future of blockchain is bright. It is currently in its growth phase where it is growing in both technologically and adoption. Its use-cases in almost all the different sector speak volume about its future. With more and more investors interested in blockchain technology, we will see a huge impact of the blockchain, both industrially and day-to-day life. It will also be used in conjunction with other technologies including AI, big-data, etc. to make it more effective and practical.Blockchain Digital Transformation