Future of ASP.NET Developers



ASP.NET is a Powerful framework developed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build web pages web application and web service. The asp.net framework is an Open Source, server-side web application framework and popular web tool amongst developers and those who work simply on it are known as ASP.NET developers.

Before going into future here is a bit about ASP.NET

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What are the Prerequisites need to be an ASP.NET Developer:

Believe me, it is not a big deal to learn ASP.NET, to be more specific there are not prerequisites to learn ASP.NET.

But still,

To be the Professional .NET Developer it will be helpful for you if you have some basic knowledge of Web Development and C# Language.

Latest Updates in ASP.NET:

ASP.NET 5 or ASP.NET vNext is the Latest Version of ASP.NET Framework.The Whole Model of this framework combines with Web API, Web Pages, MVC.The main Features of ASP.NET5  is Cloud ready environment.

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Below are the skills that you need to develop to make your career brighter as an ASP.NET Developer.

  • Good knowledge of ASP.NET framework
  • In-depth Knowledge of C# and VB languages
  • Excellent Knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Excellent knowledge of Bootstrap and XML, Javascript
  • Having Knowledge of My SQL, Database Application
  • Microsoft MVC, Microsoft MVP
  • Strong knowledge of software implementation best practices.
  • Strong experience designing and working with n-tier architectures

Asp.net developer Features

Career Scope of ASP.NET Developers:

ASP.NET developers with good experience and having updated skills they will move to higher position.They may be promoted to managerial positions on the basis of their qualification and performance.

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ASP.NET is one of the most leading frameworks for web application development and this framework is mostly used to create dynamic websites.

Scope of Dot Net Developers

ASP.NET Used in different sectors like Business websites, Social Networking websites. The Role of ASP.NET is mainly Used for E-Commerce, and gateway payment. For Example Amazon, Flipkart

Below are some of the field areas where dot NET is used,

  • Next generation mobile apps
  • Business functions
  • Gaming
  • Communication
  • Cross-platform
  • Multi-tiered software applications

ASP.NET Developer Salary:

Experience is the Best essential quality of good ASP.NET developers. The average salary for an ASP. NET Developer is Rs 301,872 per year. The skills that increase pay for this job the most are Model-view-controller (MVC) and jQuery.