Top Five ASP.NET Core Features You Need to Know


ASP.NET is one of the most powerful web application framework developed by Microsoft. Microsoft has always added new features in .Net framework, which has helped developers to built highly scalable and secured web application with high performance and security.

This Article will give you clear idea on ASP.NET Core open source framework for building cloud and Internet-connected applications.

What is ASP.NET Core?

ASP.NET core is a open-source web framework which unites ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API with a single model programming. Asp.Net core application can run on cross-platforms, and provides high code re-usability to maximize code sharing in various verticals.

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Why to go with ASP.NET Core?

Millions of developers have used ASP.NET to create web application. ASP.NET Core is a redesign of ASP.NET. It has had a goal of allowing developers to only

ASP.NET Core provides following Important Features:

Tag Helpers

Tag Helpers are mainly used to generate client side code from Dot Net with the help of Razor Markup.Tag helpers components used to dynamically adding a script to web pages. The Razor engine will identify the tag and execute the applicable .NET Code that corresponds to it.

Dependency Injection

Dependency Injection is one of the best features in ASP.NET Core. ASP.NET Core provides an inbuilt dependency injection framework. ASP.NET Core provides built-in protection injection for achieving loose coupling between objects and their collaborators.

Cloud Support

ASP.NET Core is Optimized for the Cloud. Mobile back end, IOT(Internet of things)app and web applications developed by the use of ASP.NET Core has the fully Cloud ready Setup for the application.

MVC & Web API Frameworks

MVC & Web API has been merged with the help of ASP.NET Core. The main advantage is simplifies the application for combine with MVC & Web API framework. MVC could always return JSON data instead of HTML.

WebSockets & SignalR

WebSockets & SignalR is the important features of ASP.NET Core is used to continue long running connections for the application. common scenarios are easily handled by using SignalR.