IOT Interview Questions and Answers Set-10

91. What is the difference between IOT devices and embedded devices?

Internet of things is a type of embedded system that connects to the internet. Embedded systems tend to be small software programs that implement a few functions. Internet of Things may be updated constantly according to the environment and learn by itself.

92. Why is the Internet of Everything happening at this juncture of time?

The explosion of latest connections joining the Internet of Everything is driven by the development of IP-enabled devices, the boom in worldwide broadband availability and the appearance of ipv6.

93. What are the top 5 Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications in the world?

  • Asset tracking and/or monitoring in some form or some other (stolen automobiles, fleet, construction system, wood pellets, tank level tracking, and many others.) seems to be the biggest.
  • Insurance telematics is huge as it gives insurance groups the possibility to cut threat and force higher/extra appealing pricing.
  • Utilities/automatic meter reading/clever grids – plenty of regulation and funding into this in the intervening time. There a plenty of countrywide solutions because the requirements and business case are driven in very numerous ways.
  • Automotive is also very big and is driven by consumers demand.
  • mHealth is also there but not that big in size.

94. What impacts will the Internet of Things (IoT) have on the Transportation Sector?

Transportation structures are becoming increasingly connected. New motor automobiles are ready with features including worldwide positioning structures (gps) and in-vehicle enjoyment, as well as advanced driver help structures (adas), which utilize sensors inside the vehicle to help the motive force, for example with parking and emergency braking.

95. Examples of MEMS sensor?

MPU6050- Gyroscope, ADXL345 – Accelerometer, piezoelectric sensor and etc.

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96. What are the features of Linux OS over other Operating Systems etc?

This set of IoT(Internet Of Things) interview questions and answers are useful for freshers and experienced level of job positions.

97. Why is the Internet of Everything happening now?

Answer: The explosion of new connections joining the Internet of Everything is driven by the development of IP-enabled devices, the increase in global broadband availability and the advent of IPv6

98. What is an Arduino?

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform which has easy to use both hardware and software. Arduino boards are a Microcontroller which is capable of reading input from sensors to controlling motors and etc. programmatically.

99. What is a Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer which is capable of doing all operations like a conventional computer. But it also has other built-in features like onboard Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPIO pins to communicate with other external Things

100. How will the Internet of Things (IoT) impact the sustainability of Environment or Business?

 Internet of Things (IoT) can significantly reduce carbon emissions by making business and industry more efficient. “By managing street lights more efficiently you can save approximately 40% of the energy used to make them run,”