IOT Interview Questions and Answers Set-2

11. Give examples of the Impact of Internet of Things (IoT) on our lives?

With interconnected devices, you can better arrange your lifestyles and be extra productive, safer, smarter and informed than ever earlier than.

As an instance how smooth it’ll be that allows you to begin your day if your alarm clock is not only capable of wake you up however also able to talk together with your brewer to tell it that you are awake on the same time notifies your geezer to start water heating.

12. What is MicroPython?

MicroPython is a lean and efficient implementation of the Python 3 programming language that includes a small subset of the Python standard library and is optimized to run on microcontrollers such as NodeMCU.

13. What role does the network play in the Internet of Everything?

The network plays a critical role in the Internet of Everything ? it must provide an intelligent, manageable, secure infrastructure that can scale to support billions of context-aware devices.

14. How many hardware serial interfaces are in ESP 32?

There are 3 hardware serial interfaces are there in ESP32. 37. What firmware can be flashed into NodeMCU? Ans: Either Arduino or MicroPython firmware can be flashed into NodeMCU.

15. What affects will the internet of things (IoT) have on infrastructure and smart cities region?

The competencies of the clever grid, smart homes, and its combined with IoT components in other public utilities, including roadways, sewage, and water transport can make a contribution to greater included and useful infrastructure, particularly in towns.

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16. What are Subscribers and Publishers in MQTT?

Publisher – The devices which transmit or send data over the MQ broker. Subscribers – The devices which consume or reads data over the MQ broker.

17. How Wireless Communications might affect the Development and Implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Many observers believe that issues relating to access to the electromagnetic spectrum will need to be resolved to ensure the functionality and interoperability of IoT devices. Access to spectrum, both licensed and unlicensed, is essential for devices and objects to communicate wirelessly. IoT devices are being developed and deployed for new purposes and industries, and some argue that the current framework for spectrum allocation may not serve these new industries well.

18. Example of some MQTT services?

Mosquito MQTT, Cloud MQTT, and PubNub are the commonly known MQTT services available.

19. What function does the community play within the lot?

The network plays a crucial function in the net of the entirety. It needs to provide a clever, practical, comfortable infrastructure that may scale to assist billions of context-conscious gadgets.

20. Can NodeMCU act as a web server?

Yes, with the help of ESP8266WebServer Arduino library. This library is for ESP8266. Such similar libraries are also available for other NodeMCU board.