IOT Interview Questions and Answers Set-6

51. How did you control the Arduino using python?   

By connecting the serial port of arduino we can control the arduino using python. To connect the serial port we need to import serial module in python.

52. What companies are working on Internet of Things (IoT)?

At this point, the easier question might be who isn?t working on an IoT product. Big names like Samsung, LG, Apple, Google, Lowe’s and Philips are all working on connected devices, as are many smaller companies and startups. Research group Gartner predicts that 4.9 billion connected devices will be in use this year, and the number will reach 25 billion by 2020.

53. What impacts will the Internet of Things (IoT) have on Health Care Sector?

IoT has many applications inside the healthcare field, in both fitness tracking and treatment, together with telemedicine and telehealth. Applications may additionally contain the usage of a medical era and the internet to provide lengthy-distance health care and training. Medical devices, which may be wearable or non-wearable, or maybe implantable, injectable, or ingestible, can allow far off monitoring of an affected person’s important signs, persistent situations, or different indicators of health and wellbeing.

54. What is GainSpan’s GS2000 Protocol for the Internet of Things (IoT)?

GainSpan’s GS2000 is one such tech which used both ZigBee and Wi-Fi. It makes optimum use of power by putting the device into energy-saving standby mode when no data transmission is taking place. Only when device is awaked or checked for connection failure the high power consumption connection of Wi-Fi is used.

55. What are the main Social and Cultural Impacts of Internet Of Things (IoT)?

The IoT may also create webs of connections a good way to basically transform the manner people and things interact with every other.

Some observers have proposed that the growth of iot will bring about a hyper-connected world wherein the seamless integration of gadgets and people will purpose the internet to vanish as a separate phenomenon. In this type of system, cyberspace and human space would seem to correctly merge right into an unmarried surrounding, with unpredictable but probably huge societal and cultural influences.

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56. Real-Time usage of Raspberry pi?

1.Home Automation

2.Internet Radio

3.Portable web server

4.manipulating the robots

57. How Energy Consumption might affect the Development and Implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Energy consumption can also be an issue. IoT objects need energy for sensing, processing, and communicating information. If objects isolated from the electric grid must rely on batteries, replacement can be a problem, even if energy consumption is highly efficient. That is especially the case for applications using large numbers of objects or placements that are difficult to access. Therefore, alternative approaches such as energy harvesting, whether from solar or other sources, are being developed.

58. What is the  GPIO ? 

GPIO – General purpose input/output. Its a programmable pins which may input or output pins, During run time user control these pin programmatically. for more details

59. What will happen in terms of jobs losses and skills as IoT makes devices and robots more intelligent?

It is obvious is that the jobs panorama will change dramatically in the next two decades. However, it is going to be a sluggish method and whether or not we’re organized to cope with it going to depend  on training coverage as virtual coverage.

60. which module is used to control the gpio in python?

gpiozero is used to control the gpio pins in Rasperry pi. By using this we can control button, LED, Robot and more things are possible.