OpenStack Interview Question And Answers Set-7

61. Give An Example Where Logs Help In Openstack Security ?

For instance, analyzing the access logs of Identity service or its replacement authentication system would alert us to failed logins, frequency, origin IP, whether the events are restricted to select accounts and other pertinent information. Log analysis supports detection.

62. Why Compliance Is Required In Openstack ?

Compliance means adhering to regulations, specifications, standards and laws.

An OpenStack deployment may require compliance activities for many purposes, such as regulatory and legal requirements, customer need, privacy considerations, and security best practices. The Compliance function is important for the business and its customers.

63. What Are Data Privacy Concerns In Openstack, How Those Can Be Remediated?

Data residency: Concerns over who owns data in the cloud and whether the cloud operator can be ultimately trusted as a custodian of this data have been significant issues in the past.

Data disposal:– Best practices suggest that the operator sanitize cloud system media (digital and non-digital) prior to disposal, release out of organization control or release for reuse.

Data not securely erased:- This may be remediated with database and/or system configuration for auto vacuuming and periodic free-space wiping.

Instance memory scrubbing, Cinder volume data, Image service delay delete feature.

64. What Is Sanitization Process ?

The sanitization process removes information from the media such that the information cannot be retrieved or reconstructed. Sanitization techniques, including clearing, purging, cryptographic erase, and destruction, prevent the disclosure of information to unauthorized individuals when such media is reused or released for disposal.

65. How To Create A Normal User In Openstack ?

sudo nova-manage user create user-name

66. How You Assign A Project To A User ?

sudo nova-manage project add –project=project_name


67. How You Can Remove A Rule From Security Group ?

nova secgroup-delete-rule webserver tcp 443 443

68. How To Display Images Using Nova Client ?

nova image-list

69. How To See A List Of Roles And The Associated Ids In Our Environment ?

keystone role-list

70. What Is Job Of User Crud ?

The user CRUD filter enables users to use a HTTP PATCH to change their own password.