OpenStack Interview Questions And Answers Set-8

71. Where Caching Configuration Is Stored?

The majority of the caching configuration options are set in the [cache] section of the keystone.conf file.

72. What Is Alarm In Openstack ?

Alarms provide user-oriented Monitoring-as-a-Service for resources running on OpenStack. This type of monitoring ensures you can automatically scale in or out a group of instances through the Orchestration module, but you can also use alarms for general-purpose awareness of your cloud resources’ health.

73. How To Migrate Running Instances From One OpenStack Compute Server To Another OpenStack Compute Server?

Check the ID of the instance to be migrated
Check the information associated with the instance
Select the compute node the instance will be migrated to.
Check that Host has enough resources for migration
Migrate the instance using the $ nova live-migration SERVER HOST_NAME command.

74. How You Can Change Behavior Of Dhcp Server?

The behavior of dnsmasq can be customized by creating a dnsmasq configuration file

75. What Is Orchestration?

Orchestration is an orchestration engine that provides the possibility to launch multiple composite cloud applications based on templates in the form of text files that can be treated like code.

76. What Is Use Of Account Reaper?

In the background, the account reaper removes data from the deleted accounts.

77. What You Will Do In Case Of Drive Failure?

In the event that a drive has failed, the first step is to make sure the drive is unmounted. This will make it easier for Object Storage to work around the failure until it has been resolved. If the drive is going to be replaced immediately, then it is just best to replace the drive, format it, remount it, and let replication fill it up.

78. What Does It Mean For The Cloud Ecosystem?

Wide adoption of an open-source, open-standards cloud should be huge for everyone. It means customers won’t have to fear lock-in and technology companies can participate in a growing market that spans cloud providers. Companies are already using OpenStack to provide public clouds, support, training and system integration services and hardware and software products.
A great analogy comes from the early days of the Internet: the transition away from fractured, proprietary flavors of UNIX toward open-source Linux. An open cloud stands to provide the same benefits for large-scale cloud computing that the Linux standard provided inside the server.

79. Mention What Are The Three Components That Make Modular Architecture Of Openstack?

The three components that make modular architecture for OpenStack are:
OpenStack Compute: For managing large networks of the virtual machine
OpenStack Object Storage: A storage system that provides support for both block storage and object storage
Image Service: The delivery service provides discovery and registration for virtual disk images

80. What Is Identity Service In OpenStack?

Keystone is the most important and preferred Identity Service in OpenStack and executes the complete OpenStack Identity API.