OpenStack Interview Questions And Answer Set-10

91. Are Overlays Such As Vxlan Supported?

vxlan is supported with a EVPN control plane.

92. Can Mirantis 6.0 Now Upgraded Icehouse Nodes To Juno Or Is It Still Just The Fuel Server That Is Upgraded?

Mirantis 6.0 does not support the upgrade of OpenStack itself, but it does upgrade the Fuel Master. An upgraded Fuel Master can deploy new environments (6.0) while continuing to manage older environments such as 5.1. We will be releasing functionality to deliver Mirantis OpenStack patches from a Mirantis-hosted repository in 6.1.

93. What is Neutron?

Neutron is the service which provides the functionality of the network layer. Here, you can create your own isolated network for your own infrastructure. You can create your own network, subnets, route tables and many more.

94. How to reset error state of a VM into active in OpenStack env?

There are some scenarios where some VMs went to an error state and this error state can be changed into active state using below commands,

~# nova reset-state –active {Instance_id}

95. How to get list of available Floating IPs from the command line?

Available floating ips can be listed using the below command,

~]# openstack ip floating list | grep None | head -10

96. How to provision a virtual machine in specific availability zone and compute Host?

Let’s assume we want to provision a VM on the availability zone NonProduction in compute-02, use the beneath command to accomplish this,

~]# openstack server create –flavor m1.tiny –image cirros –nic net-id=e0be93b8-728b-4d4d-a272-7d672b2560a6 –security-group NonProd_SG  –key-name linuxtec –availability-zone NonProduction:compute-02  nonprod_testvm

97. How to get list of VMs which are provisioned on a specific Compute node?

Let’s assume we want to list the vms which are provisioned on compute-0-19, use below

Syntax: OpenStack server list –all-projects –long -c Name -c Host | grep -i  {Compute-Node-Name}

~# OpenStack server list –all-projects –long -c Name -c Host | grep -i  compute-0-19

98. How to view the console log of an OpenStack instance from the command line?

Console logs of an instance can be viewed from the command line using the following commands,

First get the ID of an instance and then use the below command,

~# OpenStack console log show {Instance-id}

99. How to get console URL of an OpenStack instance?

Console URL of an instance can be retrieved from the command line using the below OpenStack command,

~# OpenStack console url show {Instance-id}

100. How to create a bootable cinder/block storage volume from the command line?

To Create a bootable cinder or block storage volume (assume 8 GB) , refer the below steps:

Get Image list using below

~# openstack image list | grep -i cirros

| 89254d46-a54b-4bc8-8e4d-658287c7ee92 | cirros  | active |

  • Create bootable volume of size 8 GB using cirros image

~# cinder create –image-id 89254d46-a54b-4bc8-8e4d-658287c7ee92 –display-name cirros-bootable-vol  8