OpenStack Interview Questions And Answers Set-5

41. What command manages floating IP addresses in OpenStack

nova floating-ip-*

42. Define bare-metal node.

Bare-metal node grants access to control bare-metal driver that handles the provisioning of OpenStack Compute physical hardware utilizing the standard cloud APIs and tools like Heat. It is generally used for single tenant clouds like high-performance cluster computing. For using the bare-metal driver, a network interface must be created with the bare-metal node inserted into it. Afterwards, users can launch an instance from the node. Users can also list and delete bare-metal nodes by removing the associated network instances

43. List down the components of OpenStack Compute

Nova (Compute) Cloud comprises following components:

  • API server
  • Message Queue (Rabbit-MQ Server)
  • Compute Workers (Nova-Compute)
  • Network controller (Nova-Network)
  • Volume Worker
  • Scheduler

44. Define the role of API Server.

It provides an interface for the external world to interact with the cloud infrastructure.

45. List the commands to generate Key pairs.

  • ssh-keygen
  • cd .ssh
  • nova keypair-add –pub_key mykey


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46. Define Flavor

Flavors are virtual hardware templates present in OpenStack, which define the memory sizes of RAM, hard disk, etc. Flavors illustrate a number of parameters like ID, Name, Memory_MB, Disk and others, giving a choice of Virtual Machine to the user just like having a physical server. OpenStack dashboard also allows users to modify a flavor by deleting the existing one and creating a new with the similar name and parameters.

47. How to create a user in OpenStack?

sudo nova-manage user create user-name

48. How to assign a project/tenant to a user?

By using the command sudo nova-manage user create user-name

49. Can we see the list of roles and associated IDs in OpenStack environment?

Yes, by using keystone role-list

50. What is the command used for pause and unpause an instance?

To pause an instance, command used is $ nova pause INSTANCE_NAME To unpause an instance, command used is $ nova unpause INSTANCE_NAME