OpenStack Interview Questions And Answers Set-6

51. What is the command used to list IP address information?

$ nova floating-ip-pool-list

52. What is the meaning of term “flavor” in OpenStack?

A flavour is an available hardware configuration for a server, which defines the size of a virtual server that can be launched.

53. What Are The Basic Functions Of Identity Service In Openstack?

The basic functions of Identity Service is:
Service Catalog: It provides a catalog of available services with their API endpoints
User Management: It tracks the users and their permissions

54. List Out The Storage Locations For Vm Images In Openstack?

OpenStack Object Storage :
• Filesystem
• S3
• RBD or Rados Block Device
• GridFS

55. For Networking, What Hardware Is Used In Openstack?

In OpenStack, networking is done in following ways :
• Ports
• Vendor Plugins
• Networks
• Routers
• Subnets

56. What Is Rabbit Mq Server ?

OpenStack communicates among themselves using the message queue via AMQP.57. What Are Functions And Features Of Swift ?
• Storage of large sized objects
• Storage of large number of objects
• Data Redundancy
• Archival capabilities – Work with large datasets
• Data container for virtual machines and cloud apps
• Media Streaming capabilities
• Secure storage of objects
• Extreme scalability
• Backup and archival

58. What Do You Understand By Horizon ?

Horizon the web based dashboard can be used to manage /administer OpenStack services.

59. What Are Commands To Generate Keypairs ?

• ssh-keygen
• cd .ssh
• nova keypair-add –pub_key mykey

60. How You Can View The Rules ?

Rules can be viewed with the command:
$ nova secgroup-list-rules myservers