Tableau Interview Questions and Answers Set 4

31. How to view SQL which is generated by Tableau Desktop?

The Tableau Desktop Log files are located in C:UsersMy DocumentsMy Tableau Repository. If you have a live connection to the data source, check the log.txt and tabprotosrv.txt files. If you are using an extract, check the tdeserver.txt file. The tabprotosrv.txt file often shows detailed information about queries.

32. What is page shelf?

page shelf is power full part of tableau That you can use to controle the display of output as well as printed results of output.

33. What are the major differences between tableau version 7.0 and tableau version 8.0?

New visualizations are introduced like treemap, bubble chart and box and whisker plot

We can copy worksheet directly from one workbook to another workbook

Introduced R script

34. Is Parameter have its dropdown list?

Yes it may have its own drop down list, the entries which you make in the Parameter while creating it can be viewed as Dropdown list.

35. What is the difference between Data blending and join?

Joining is a SQL term that refers to combining two data sources into a single data source.  Blending is a Tableau term that refers to combining two data sources into a single chart.  The main difference between them is that a join is done once at the data source and used for every chart, while a blend is done individually for each chart

Weekend / Weekday Batch

36. How to do performance testing?

Performance testing is again an important part of implementing tableau. This can be done by loading Testing Tableau Server with TabJolt, which is a “Point and Run” load generator created to perform QA. While TabJolt is not supported by tableau directly, it has to be installed using other open source products.

37.W hat are the imitations of context filter?

The context filter is not frequently changed by the user – if the filter is changed the database must recomputed and rewrite the temporary table, slowing performance.

38. Can we place an excel file in a shared location and use it to develop a report and refresh it at regular intervals?

Yes, we can do it. But for better performance, we should use Extract.

39.We cannot select multiple values in parameters

Can we display the top five and last five sales in the same view?

Yes. Using sets and combined set.

40. Can parameters have the dropdown list?

Yes, parameters do have their independent dropdown lists enabling users to view the data entries available in the parameter during its creation.