Tableau Interview Questions and Answers Set 8

  1. What are the four different kinds of shelves in Tableau?
  • Rows
  • Columns
  • Filters
  • Pages
  1. Name some file extensions in Tableau?
  • Tableau Datasource (.tds)
  • Tabelau Bookmark (.tdm)
  • Tableau preferences (.tps)
  • Tableau workbook (.twb)
  • Tableau Mapsource (.tms)
  1. Explain Tableau Data Server?

Enabling you to share and upload data extracts and reuse calculations and field metadata, Tableau Data Server makes connecting to data transparent and much easier.

  1. Difference between Measures and Dimensions?


  • Generates axes when added to rows and columns shelves
  • Dependent variable
  • Stored in a table that has foreign keys
  • Numeric units analyzed by dimension table


  • Descriptive attributes values defining multiple characteristics
  • Generate headers when added to rows and columns shelves
  • Independent variable
  • Considered more complex
  1. Define sets?

Sets are used to define a subset of data depending on certain conditions. There are oodles of ways to create a set based on a filter that you have already mentioned.

Weekend / Weekday Batch

  1. What is the maximum no. of rows Tableau can utilize at one time?

Tableau is not restricted by the no. of rows in the table. Customers use Tableau to access petabytes of data because it only retrieves the rows and columns needed to answer your questions.

  1. What is a hierarchical field?

A hierarchical field in tableau is used for drilling down data. It means viewing your data in a more granular level.

  1. How to automate reports?

You need to publish report to tableau server, while publishing you will find one option to schedule reports.You just need to select the time when you want to refresh data.

  1. .What is Assume referential integrity?

In some cases, you can improve query performance by selecting the option to Assume Referential Integrity from the Data menu. When you use this option, Tableau will include the joined table in the query only if it is specifically referenced by fields in the view.

  1. How to remove ‘All’ options from a Tableau auto-filter?

The auto-filter provides a feature of removing ‘All’ options by simply clicking the down arrow in the auto-filter heading. You can scroll down to ‘Customize’ in the dropdown and then uncheck the ‘Show “All” Value’ attribute. It can be activated by checking the field again.