Tableau Interview Questions and Answers Set 6

  1. What is page shelf?

page shelf is power full part of tableau That you can use to controle the display of output as well as printed results of output.

  1. Is Parameter have its dropdown list?

Yes it may have its own drop down list, the entries which you make in the Parameter while creating it can be viewed as Dropdown list.

  1. What is the Difference between the quick filter and Normal filter in tableau?

Quick filter is used to view the filtering options and can be used to select the option. Normal filer is something you can limit the options from the list or use some conditions to limit the data by field or value.

  1. What is the Kerberos?

Kerberos is a new feature from tableau eight.3, with Kerberos additionally it’s attainable to set up single-sign-on.

  1. What’s Security Assertion Markup Language?

SAML employes to set up the one sign-on.

In the single sign-on, it’s attainable to access multiple servers.

  1. What is Data Blending?

Unlike Data Joining, Data Blending in tableau allows combining of data from different sources and platforms. For instance, you can blend data present in an Excel file with that of an Oracle DB to create a new dataset.

Weekend / Weekday Batch

  1. State limitations of parameters in Tableau.

Parameters facilitate only four ways to represent data on a dashboard (which are seven in quick filters). Further, parameters do not allow multiple selections in a filter.

  1. What is Content Filter?

The concept of context filter in Tableau makes the process of filtering smooth and straightforward. It establishes a filtering hierarchy where all other filters present refer to the context filter for their subsequent operations. The other filters now process data that has been passed through the context filter.

Creating one or more context filters improves performance as users do not have to create extra filters on large data source, reducing the query-execution time.

You can create by dragging a filed into ‘Filters’ tab and then, Right-Click that field and select ‘’Add to Context”.

  1. How to create cascading filters without a context filter?

I have filterl and filter2..Based on filterl I need to filter2 data

Ex: Filterl as Country and Filter 2: States

I have chosen country as USA and filter2 should display only USA states

Choose options of Filter2 states :

select option of “Only relevant values “

  1. What are Quick Filters in Tableau?

Global quick filters are a way to filter each worksheet on a dashboard until each of them contains a dimension. They are very useful for worksheets using the same data source, which sometimes proves to a disadvantage and generate slow results. Thus, parameters are more useful.

  1. How to view underlying SQL Queries in Tableau?

Viewing underlying SQL Queries in Tableau provides two options:

  • Create a Performance Recording to record performance information about the main events you interact with workbook. Users can view the performance metrics in a workbook created by Tableau.

Help> Settings and Performance> Start Performance Recording

Help> Setting and Performance > Stop Performance Recording

  • Reviewing the Tableau Desktop Logs located at C:\Users\\My Documents\My Tableau Repository. For live connection to data source, you can check log.txt and tabprotosrv.txt files. For an extract, check tdeserver.txt file.