Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers Set 1

1. What do you mean by Automation? What are its benefits?

It is basically a technique to automate the tasks and process with the help of customized equipment which relies upon technology. It is valuable for the associations to consider automation as it enhances capability and cut down the botches from a couple of business techniques and transactions. Moreover, human interference can be avoided up to a great extent. Different strategies can be automated with the usage of specific equipment and expertise.

2. What do you know about the common steps that are involved in automation anywhere process?

The very first thing is to select the test tool. After this, the next step is to describe the scope of automation anywhere followed by the steps planning, designing, and development. Next step is Testing execution and the last step is maintenance. It is essential to follow the steps in the defined sequence to remove confusion.

3. When exactly you will automate a test?

There are certain cases when we can consider the same. For example, repeating tasks. During such a scenario, automating a test saves a lot of time as well as Human efforts. In addition to this, test with more than one data set can be made more efficient through this approach. Also, regression test cases, as well as Smoke & Sanity
tests are also the conditions when automating a test is a good option. However, the final decision is always based on Return-on-Investment.

4. What is the purpose of the user variable in Automation Anywhere?

Variables can help you in a number of ways, from fetching online data to transferring data between applications, such as Microsoft Excel. Automation Anywhere is
designed with various types of variables which can be defined for each task.

5. What are bots in Automation Anywhere?

This is the most commonly used Automation Anywhere Bot. Meta Bots are automation building blocks that help you scale. They are “app resilient,” meaning that any time an application updates or changes, you make minimal edits to the bot itself, and those changes then automatically apply to any process utilizing that bot.

Weekend / Weekday Batch

6. What is smart recorder in Automation Anywhere?

Automation Anywhere makes advanced automation easy. With intelligent task recorder, web recorder, visualize technology and easy to use deployment tools you can automate and deploy any task within minutes.

7. How do you upload a bot to a control room in Automation Anywhere?

When your bot is ready for production, upload it to the Control Room repository. Tip To upload a bot, your Control Room administrator must assign you to a role that has upload permission. In the My Tasks list, right-click your bot and then click Upload.

8. What is ROI in Automation Anywhere?

Automation Anywhere ROI case study: Anonymous company. A global communications company deployed Automation Anywhere to free up network resources and improve customer service. Nucleus found that Automation Anywhere helped automate a process that would have otherwise taken over 100,000 hours of manual labor.

9. Which command is used to hold the BOT execution?

Delay is the command we can use to hold the bot execution for some specific amount of time and then continue. Delay () is used for delaying the execution of the script for a particular amount of time.

10. Which recorder is least used in automation anywhere?

Automation Anywhere offers 3 types of recorders namely Smart Recorder, Web Recorder, and Screen/Standard Recorder. Smart Recorder is used for desktop applications while Web recorder is used for Web-based applications. The least recommended one is Screen Recorder.