Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers Set 9

81. What are the various operations available for Error Handling when an Error occurs?
• Take Snapshot
• TaskRun
• LogData into File
• Send Email.
• Variable Assignment

82. What is the difference between thin client and thick client?

Thin client:
Any application that we can’t get the quality properties while spying using any automation tools.
Ex: Any virtual environment

Thick client:
Any application that we get a pretty handful of attribute features using automation tools
Ex: calculator, IE

83. How does the Client communicate with Server?

In Client, window click on the Repository tab to communicate with the server.
we can directly download, upload or compare any task on the server with the one on the client.

84. Name a few automation tools you heard about? Are all tools free?

There are lots of tools available and not all of them are free. Selenium and JMeter are basically open sources. The paid ones are Load Runner, RFT, DTP, Rational, Ranorex.

85. What is Object Cloning?

Object Cloning command is used to recognize objects and a various Properties including name, type, path, and value.

Weekend / Weekday Batch

86. What is SnapPoint in Automation Anywhere?

In AA Premier when a task has verified the images of all mouse clicks and keystrokes are captured automatically. SnapPoint allows you to capture images on demand, just enable SnapPoint and set it for the commands that you want.

87. Which AA version you have worked on?

Worked on Client 10.7 version and Control room 10.5.

88. How to compare two rows in excel using excel as a database in automation anywhere?

Comparison can be done between two rows or tuples just by adding a unique id or serial no to it.

89. What is OCR and what all Are options available in it?

OCR is a feature to read/recognize the objects like (character or image) by optical character recognition.
It uses third party OCR engines to carry out the character recognition
Options available in OCR are,
• Capture window
• Capture Area
• Capture image by path
• Capture image by URL

90. Difference between Set text and Append Text in Automation Anywhere?

By using Set text will insert new data by removing old data, by using append text will only insert data it will not remove previous data.