Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers Set 8

71. How will get the AA Array element row and column count?

Using system variables of array rows and array columns we will get the count of an array.

72. What is a MetaBots in AA?

A MetaBot is an automation blueprint of an application that can be re-used to optimize processes. They help you standardize your processes end to end. MetaBots enable you to create automation building blocks that capture information in the form of visuals capture (screen) or application APIs. These can thereon be integrated as commands and further leveraged by varied processes to deliver value at multiple levels.

73. What are the different types of variable available in the Task Editor?

There are 4 types of variables available in Automation Anywhere are:-
• List
• Random
• Value
• Array

74. Repository Manager can be used to schedule a task on clients?

Bot Runner Clients

75. What are the different types of variable available in the MetaBot?

There are 3 types of variables available in Megabit are:-
• Value
• Array
• password

Weekend / Weekday Batch

76. In Automation Anywhere Architecture what are the Development client and Runtime Client as also known as?

Bot Creators and Bot Runners respectively.

77. What is Manage Web Control?

To catch picture joins, radio catches, content boxes, check boxes and other web control Automation Anywhere Web Recorder – > Manage Web Controls permit catch of web controls and relegate the factors.

78. What is the AA workflow file Extension?


79. Compare Sikuli and Selenium?

Both Sikuli and Selenium are powerful tools that can be used in Automation Anywhere. However, both have their own pros and cons associated with them. Sikuli supports automating the flash objects while Selenium doesn’t. Sikuli is useful for automating the Windows as well as web applications. On the other side, Selenium can work only on web applications. A visual match is present in the Sikuli whereas Selenium lacks the same.

80. What should be paid attention to during the task creation?

A lot of methods are available to ensure Automation is under control and is actually not wasting money, time and efforts. Task creation is basically a useful approach that simply let the automation process work reliably provided you engaged only those in the processes who have good skills.