Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers Set 5

41. Name Any Five Things Which You Can Automate?

Below are the following five things:

• Smoke Sanity test suite
• Smoke test suite
• Automation behind GUI
• Build deployment
• Test data creation

42. What Do You Mean By Qtp?

QTP stands for Quick test professional and is basically an Automation tool that is used in test environments.

43. How to call a Bot Inside a Bot?

There are a command TASKS to open another Task BOT inside other BOTS.
If we want to use META BOTS. Need to drag and drop the available meta bots into our task editor
Same way to use IQ BOTS there is an IQ BOTS command. This has to be purchased separately.

44. Is it possible to achieve 100% automation?

Yes, it is possible but generally extremely complex. Complete automation even has a lot of disadvantages too. Generally, it is not the primary target in any automation process and operations that aim the same is not considered in most of the projects based on automation.

45. Is it possible to read PDF through Automation Anywhere?

Yes, it is possible.

Weekend / Weekday Batch

46. What is PGP?


47. What is the use of PGP?

It is used to ENCRYPT and DECRYPT the file by assigning the PASSPHARSE

48. When to Add Comments in Automation Anywhere?

When first starting to create the task when starting a new task section

When adding a business rule

When starting and ending a LOOP of IF/ELSE statement

When opening a new application

When transferring control to a sub-task

49. How to Schedule a Task in Automation Anywhere?

Once automation has been created; a schedule can be assigned to run the task

A Scheduler and a schedule manager are provided within AA to assist in managing task schedules

Time based scheduling options can launch a task to run on specific days, weeks or months of the year

50. What type of Scripts you can Run?