Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers Set 10

91. Types of Web scraping / Extraction available in AA?

• Regular Data Extraction
• Pattern based Data Extraction

92. What is Insert Mouse Command & How to use it?

Provides the ability to automate menu navigation

Display and select from sub-menus

To use the Insert Mouse move command

In the TaskEditor

93. What Are The Insert Mouse Commands in Automation Anywhere?

The Inset Mouse Commands Are : 3
They Are
• Mouse Move – set To and From location
• Mouse Click – force the mouse to a specific location
• Mouse Scroll – scroll through one or more screen pages

94. Which version of Automation Anywhere you have used?

Have used windows 10.3 / 10.5 / 10.7

95. Which one of the command is ‘highly’ not recommended to use if the application is local and offers full support of objects for automation?

Citrix or Image based automation

Weekend / Weekday Batch

96. What is Workflow Designer?

Work flow designer lets the developer uses the BOTS/Tasks to execute in a flow based on some condition

97. What types of different systems/OS Automation Anywhere support??

AA supports only Windows operating system now.
If we want to automate different OS application, we can use citrix or image based automation commands to carry out automation but windows is the ideal OS

98. What are the subcommands that are provided by Terminal Emulator?

• Connect/Disconnect
• Send Text/ Get Text
• Set Field/ Get Field
• Get all fields
• Wait
• Control

99. What is the Automation Anywhere MetaBot, TaskBot, and Workflow file extension?


100. How can we read CSV Files through Automation Anywhere?

The is a command OPEN PROGRAM/FILE

With that, we can open CSV file or Text file by providing the location of the file.

Then use Read CSV/Text File command to read a CSV.

CSV files can be separate / read with delimiters like comma, Semi colon or pipe symbols