Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers Set 6

51. What is workflow Designer?

It is a graphical representation way of coding, where condition decision base task is added for whole process requirement.

52. How to do excel integration in AA?

Using excel command and reading data in the loop through each row in excel dataset commands.

53. What are the objectives using the Automation Anywhere Control Room?

• Server settings
• Registering a client
• Uploading tasks
• Comparing filesActive directory command

54. What Enterprise Control Room does?

The Enterprise Control Room provides the main dashboards from which all of the automation projects can be managed
The Enterprise Control Room centralizes the control, security, and collaboration

55. How do you create a timestamp for particular tasks in Automation Anywhere?

One can make use of available variables for creating the time stamps. The available variables are:

• Year
• Month
• Day
• Hour
• Minute
• Second
• Date

The given variables could be combined accordingly to create a timestamp. One can configure their own format for the Date variable. Choose Tools > Variable Manager > System Variable > Date. There should not be any slash in the date format while creating or appending the timestamp on the file.

Weekend / Weekday Batch

56. Explain about Automation Anywhere Credential Vault?

Automation anywhere credential vault is used for the secured storage of the credentials of applications, which are automated by automation anywhere platform. The credential vault enables the adherence to enterprise-level information and security standards to it. It helps in secured automation.

57. What are the limitations of Automation Anywhere?

Some of the key limitations of Automation Anywhere are:

• AA cannot automate anything within the virtual machine.
• Tasks which require a certain amount of creativity, as well as judgment, cannot be automated by the AA.
• Performance of the bot is directly dependent on the performance of the application with which the bot is integrated.
• No Visual process designer is available in Automation Anywhere.

58. Can I connect to the database in AA?

Yes Using database command we can connect/disconnect DB

59. What is the difference between Email Automation Command and Send Email command?

Using Email Automation Command we can automatically manage the email messages such as manage your incoming emails and extract attachments to a specific folder, clear unwanted email messages, communicate your email server and monitor email activity etc. But, send email command we can trigger the emails and include the attachments with it and format the message in HTML.

Note: Email Automation Command having Sub Commands of getting All Messages, Delete All Messages, and Delete Message.

60. What is a hotkey and how we assign a hotkey to a task in AA?

A hotkey is a shortcut key we can use to run the task in Automation Anywhere Enterprises Client (AAE Client). In AAE Client to assign a hotkey select task–>properties–>hot key.