Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers Set 10

91. What Is Defer Queue?

  • We can define specified time to the queue .that queue are called defer queue.
  • Defer until is used to freeze those items from being picked up till the time has elapsed
  • Defer queues are those to which we define defer until .
  • Differ is an input to work queue VBO, When U have different process pick data from queue then differ comes in picture

92. Where the Software Robots in Blue Prism stored?

They stored in SQL server based database

93. Is Blue Prism Associate in Nursing Rpa Tool?

affirmative, Blue Prism is Associate in Nursing RPA Tool.PA Interview queries tidally, in line with the method definition.

93. Difference between Mainframe and Non-Mainframe Applications?

For Mainframe applications:

  • It’s a single screen based application. It is keyboard based.
  • There also separate set in-built mainframe commands supported by Blue Prism specifically for mainframe applications

For non-mainframe applications:

  • It comprises of multiple screens
  • Control moves from one screen to another.

94. What is region mode?

When working in citrix based application sometimes windows and accessibility will not work that time we go for region mode.

95. Ocr concept in Blue Prism?

Optical character recognition(OCR), this is the concept which is used to spy or read some difficult elements, which we can’t be spy normal modes.Through OCR will get the option to capture elements which are in image format or handwritten pdf documents.

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96. What is Schedular in Blue Prism?

Scheduler is used to schedule the tasks or process to function as per our required time.

97. What is the use of the process in blue prism?

A process contains the logic involved in the process it includes all the logics.

98. Blue Prism’s Release Manager

Blue Prism contains a mechanism by which components making up the configuration of Blue Prism can be transferred between different Blue Prism environments.

99. Blue Prism – Data OLEDB

The OLEDB libraries allow interaction with a number of target data files (including text, CSV, Excel, and Access) via a subset of SQL. This has advantages in both speed and in efficiencies in file handling without fully loading the file into memory at any given time.

100. How will Runtime Resource be allocated ,when Blue prism Application is not Running?

By Running Automate.exe with Switch as,

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