Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers Set 8

71. What is a Visual Business Object?

  • Visual Business Object acts as an adapter to the user interface of a specific application. To finish this, each Visual Business Object has three main parts.
  • A connector, which is a usual library given by Blue Prism for communicating with a particular kind of application user interface.
  • An application control interface (ACI) that uses the VBO’s connector to display the elements of a specific application’s user interface.
  • One or more pages, each of which implements all or part of an operation that the VBO can perform.

72. How Do I Get Started On Delivering Processes Using Blue Prism?

Blue Prism recommends a phased approach to getting started as the Operational Agility framework is eminently scalable. It is typical to target the configuration of between 1 and 10 processes initially with a rolling program of processes being introduced once the framework is established.

73. Where Can We Pause A Queue?

In system manager we have “Pause Queue” option in queue details.

74. What is the purpose of Business Object and how to check the object attached with the application or not?

Business Object is the main purpose of providing the interface to a single application. It is not exposed to the Control Room and it is used by the process as it never uses by itself.

To check whether the project is attached to the application or not, it is needed to use the top or root element in an application model and then select the option – read operation then it will be connected.

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75. What are the Tags available in Blue Prism?

The keyword of terms which is assigned to Work Queue items.

76. What do you know about Log Viewer?

To inspect log of the session, the Log Viewer is used in both scenario of either it is running or after it is finished. It is very convenient for tracking problems down and for reviewing work progress. The Log Viewer is equipped with a search function which enables you to see through the visibility of columns and rows of the log.

77. What does SDD stand for and what is the purpose of the SDD?

SDD stands for Solution Design Document and its purpose is to describe the Blue Prism automation process which is derived in PDD.

78. What are the types of security in Blue Prism?

There are three kinds of security in the Blue Prism.

User: We can assign new user information
Credentials: store the secret information
Options: there are rules for setting passwords

79. What is the infrastructure of hardware needed to run the Robotic Automation Platform of Blue Prism?

Blue Prism is designed to match with robust IT standards suitable for IT operational supportability, security, and IT operational integrity. Either as a back-office process or as a front office process, this software is ready to be deployed. In front office processing, it runs smoothly on the standard desktop and in back office processing, it runs on any scale of systems.

80. What do you understand by write stage?

Write stage is used to keep the values in the elements. And properties form is attached to the Data Items list on the left and with the list of elements on the right. We decide the middle section for the elements which we want to go with.

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