Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers Set 7

61. What is the importance of Blue Prism?

  • Robotic Process Automation with Blue Prism can be designed in IT Governance. It supports both external as well as internal decryption or encryption keys.
  • Audit Logs enabling is also provided by the blue prism. In the process of automation customized code .NET is used to a high level of robustness is needed.
  • You should know the importance of the platform you are using. So, this is one of the most common blue prism interview questions that you may come across in any role.

62. What is Web service in Blue Prism?

  • Web service is an application component or client-server application for communication, a Software system used in an interoperable mission to mission communication, a communication method between two devices over a network, and a collection of protocols or standards for exchanging information between two applications or devices.
  • This is one of the most common blue prism interview questions asked in a blue prism developer interview. So, don’t miss and prepare yourself with the answer to this question.
  • Example: Java, .NET, PHP such types of languages interacts with RPA like Blue Prism, Ui Path, Automation Anywhere through web services.

63. What is Queue Manager in Blue Prism?

It is used to manage the items in a queue.

64. How to exit from spy mode in Blue Prism?

Ctrl+ Right Click.

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65. Why does Blue Prism need?

Blue Prism is highly beneficial to perform the following operations:

  • Designing an Automation Process within IT Governance
  • It supports Encryption/Decryption Keys both internal and external ones.
  • Enables Audit Logs
  • High-level Robustness using .NET customized code within the automation process.

66. Is coding essential for Blue Prism?

Blue Prism is owned and managed by the customer or user, spanning technology and operations, adhering to enterprise-wide robotic operating model. Its digital workforce is built, can automate any software and requires no code. It can be applied to automate processes in any department where administrative or clerical work of an organization.

67. What is the Excel Object used by BP?

The Application Object is called MS Excel VBO

68. Explain Throttles and Unconditional Waits in Blue Prism

It is a collection of essentially a list of cases or jobs.

69. In Blue Prism, at what stage The “Preserve” check box must only used?

Wait Stages can be used with no conditions, with timeout serving as a pause to delay the flow through the diagram ‑ this is known as Throttling. This allows some extra time to accommodate the variable performance speed of an application. It is good practice to include Throttling at the beginning of every action page interacting with an application. A global data item can be used to store the timeout duration for all the action pages within a business object, making it easier to reconfigure Wait times in response to application performance. It is the best practice to create a dedicated Global Throttle Data Item.

70. When exception caught, the Business Object/Process is said to be as?

When exception caught, the Business Object/Process is said to be as Exception Block.

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