Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers Set 2

11. What is Session variable?

This is a type of exposure in data item where the value of data item can be changed during runtime. Session variable can be changed in the control room while running the particular process.

12.What are the best practices in blue prism?

  • Exception handling– It should be used in an efficient way to handle the error wherever it is possible.
  • Work Queues – Usage of work queues to reduce the time
  • Wait stage – In region mode, wait stage should be used wherever the screen changes.
  • Anchor stage – It should be used wherever possible so that the processor object looks readable

13.How to invoke java script in blue prism?

Java script can be invoked through navigate stage in object studio.

14.How to publish a process to control room?

A Process can be published to control room by opening the process information box in the main page and checking the box “Publish this Process to Control Room”

15.Explain on a session in Blue prism.

Session is an instance created when you start running a process on a selected resource

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16.Explain the difference between session and an environment variable.

Session Variable is a variable whose value can be changed for every session and environment variable is a variable whose value can’t be changed till the resource stops the execution of the process flow from control room.

17.Where will you declare session and environment variables?

Session variable is declared inside the process or object by selecting the exposure to session.

Environment variable is declared in system outside any process or object and once declared, need to select the exposure to environment and select from the drop down available in name of the data item.

18.Explain Control Room.

Control Room is one of the infrastructures of blue prism in which we control the process through session management, queue management and scheduler.

19. Describe the different types of exceptions in Blue Prism

In Blue Prism, there are three types of exceptions, namely: Internal Exceptions: Internal exceptions occur as a result of missing mandatory data in stages. System Exceptions: System exceptions will occur if the internet is down, or if our bot requires internet, or if the system fails. Business Exceptions: Business exceptions are not exactly exceptions. Instead, based on the business rules, you create the exceptions. You need to fire manually through the bot.

20. What is the format of file import/export from/to blue prism?


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