Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers Set 4

31. Which are the exception functions we use generally?

ExceptionDetails() and ExceptionType()

32. Stages in RPA Life Cycle?

There are four Phases of RPA Life Cycle.

  • Deployment and Maintenance
  • Bot Development
  • Testing
  • Analysis

33. How many Start and End stages will be there in each page of process/object studio?

Start – Only one and End Stages – Many (Depends on the design of the process)

34. Where will you generally define the credentials and how will you use them in blue prism?

Credential manager in system and with the object called credentials and call Get action in the object to define the credentials in blue prism.

35. Can we publish Objects into Control Room ?

NO. Right Click on Actions and Click on Publish to make it available to PS but not to the Control room.

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36. How Many Applications Can be Configured in One Object?

Only One Application can be configured in Application Modeller.It will not allow us to Configure More than one Application.But we can override or Replace Existing Configuration with New Configuration.

37. What is version Control in BP and how versioning will happen in BP?

In BP When u are saving the Process or object it will ask you to Provide Edit Summary.This will be appeared in the Studio.This will maintain the Version Control or Version History.

38. What are Start Up parameters or input parameters?

The input data or the Parameters that can be passed Before we executing the Processes from the crontrolroom.These Parameters are called Startup Parameters.

39. What is the Exception Bubbling?

The Bubbling up of the Error from Lower end towards the Layers of solution and handle the Error is called Exception Bubbling.

40. How to Automate Excel AApplications?

We can use 3 methods to automate Excel Applications

  • By Using VBO – MS Excel VBO – and using Actions Like Create Instanse,Show,Open Workbook Etc to launch the application in PS.
  • By Configuring the Excel.EXE file path in the OS and Launching the Excel and attach.
  • By Using VBO – OLEDB and Providing the Provide name like Data Base(Path of the Excel) and Provider and Extended Properties.

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